Monday, September 10, 2007

Welcome To My World

History teaches that Columbus discovered America in 1492, even though there where already people there that had been trading with the Norse for a great many years prior to Columbus ever coming to those shores.
With this in mind, I thought I would teach History and Historians, that I discovered the Earth on Sept.17th 1966, when from the East, I was conceived unto a virgin, and even as the lightning flashes through the sky to the West, so was I born of Prophecy, and in secrecy, the 'Son of Man'.
Furthermore, as my journey through CHRIST for TRUTH led me to GOD, and with the name 'DANIEL' hidden within mine own, after I was annointed by GOD, I was given the inheritance of the EARTH to prepare it for the SON's return.

While I recognize that there are those who are not Children of GOD, but by their actions are the devil's children, they do not recognize the 'Sign of Jonah' and will not accept these FACTS as the TRUTHS they are, even in their retelling, but that does not stop it from being. I would point out the further phrases hidden within my name that spell it out clearly, so that maybe that may help and even they will understand...just a few examples would be; "ANNOINTED", "DANIEL", "VINE", "NOT AN EVIL CALL", "A LOVE CALL", "OWN ALL NATIVE LAND", "ALL CROWN LAND", "I OWN ALL LAND", "I OWN ALL WATER", "LAND OWNER", "VATICAN LANDOWNER", "ANCIENT WARD". "ANCIENT WORLD", "ANCIENT LORD".

This is what you were given...
And this is what you've allowed and done to it:

And because of this:

You've allowed this:

And this:

I think if you take a moment of Empathy, you can FEEL for yourself how wrong this is and why it might upset not just me...But GOD. I would have the liars who claim ownership of GOD'S creation understand that their time is at an end and STOP all they are doing, surrender, abandon man's rule and return to GOD's LAW.
You have until your last breath to change your FATE and live for your DESTINY, but I would not advise waiting until your next breath to do it, as it may not be coming...Otherwise, you will be headed here...


  1. Blessings my frien Ancient:

    His sunlight flies on everything
    we are beautiful on all of them this is here
    and this is waiting, this, comes because of you, how
    and admires the beautiful ones.

    And my eye takes delight
    in these this sublimely in beautiful photos

    Gratitude! for these for you

  2. Expensive my friend Ancient:

    The trees, the blue sky
    The wind, the birds
    Or the stars
    The huge mountains
    The beautiful valleys
    The big one lakes
    The world has an axis here
    You give the gift every day
    Magician Are You
    Thanks! For You

  3. something would be my message yet
    from the flower in bloom fields
    in the wind shivery
    from mountain grasses
    from the mountains
    from the rivers
    from the land
    from the sky
    the one under the oceans
    from an existing unknown world.

  4. Ancient my friend:

    The person who shares out that happiness
    The light turns into a blessing in this simply
    Be going now and live because the world is yours.

  5. I wait for you

    The breakfast the dew land,

    I wait for you, than for nobody never

    The blue night for which I wait,
    you the stars,

    The shivery flowers the spring,

    At the planted seed the sunlight,

    At the flying birds the branches

    I wait for you at a sailor the coastal light,

    When the sea is restless water wild,

    The place does not reckon and the time,

    I wait for you,

    Is my heart on deep one's I believe.

  6. Expensive my friend Ancient:

    You find it, that the sadness was
    getting involved in the happiness
    if you decreased by yourself into
    the depths of your soul.
    May the days be happy
    if we do not know the sadness?
    Is there in everything for the tree,
    in his crown which drops his foliage
    in the flower which loses his petal
    in the wave of the sea which
    withdraws from his bed,
    and in its leave occupation
    that the day away hides behind the clouds.

  7. Ancient my dear friend:

    The sadness skulks there in the heart of the mountains.
    They regret deeply that they did not grow up to the sky,
    the foot of the skies was touched once,
    with the passing of the years their gable faded,
    their colour was fading. The time makes this with us:
    the beauty fragile,

  8. That into all happy moments
    a drop of sadness mingles -
    we are never happy fully -,
    in that manner the sadness
    prepares onto the happier times.
    Human this: flying and rise.
    The day and the seasons say goodbye,
    then to themselves the stars are embraced again,
    in that manner reigns in everything:
    in the human heart,
    in the moods,
    in the circumstances

  9. Hello AC,
    Blesings to you as always....... I read this today and thought I would pass it on.......The end is closer than we think........

    Species extinctions still rising, experts warn
    ‘Red List’ grows to 16,306 animals and plants seen as threatened
    Love always S

  10. Expensive my friend Ancient:


    I would not be me, if would not be,
    if you would not lean towards me,
    you would not be you, if would not be,
    if I would not lean towards you.

    You are my breeze, who caress,
    my storm, who rip,
    I am your breeze, who strokes,
    your storm, who rip.

    If would not be, you would not be you,
    I would not be me, if would not be.
    We are two people two beautiful poplars,
    and hide into each other's shade.

  11. My dear friend Ancient:

    My affection, this you and I
    You are together soon
    For only some moments
    In silence
    We look out of our windows
    And seeing the majestic landscape afar
    Onto the beautiful blue sky
    To glance at this world
    Gives a hope
    For us-

    I congratulate to your beautiful photos.


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