Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Join Secrecy

You need not make it public, you may keep it private. You need not proclaim it loudly, rather just be. I'm aware it's not your mess, you're aware it's not your mess...just clean it up anyway, because we are BOTH aware it is 'Our World'. Then share it as ALL secrets are secrecy.
Instead of giving a 'Hand-out'...Give a 'Hand-up'.

Lend your courage to one who has not yet found his own.
Give your voice to one who has lost theirs.
Share your strength with those who have not yet found the strength to stand.
In doing so...
Maybe, someone will see you and become inspired to STOP making the mess.
Maybe, someone will see them and become inspired to CLEAN UP their own.

Maybe, someone will see them and become inspired to clean up someone else's.

Maybe, then someone will also become inspired to give a hand.

Maybe, then someone else will find the strength to stand.

Maybe...that's just a whole lot of
Or maybe it's only the first one that needs to be fulfilled to give the others a chance to be.
Take a chance and join me in secrecy.

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