Monday, February 20, 2006

BEWARE: A Riddle - for those that dare.

BE FOREWARNED: This riddle was devised by me and is so simple, a child has gotten the answer...yet so difficult, ONLY a child has gotten the answer. It is a poem I generally recite entitled; "The Poets Words" and at the end of the poem I ask a question about "The Poets Words". However, since you will be reading it you will be on the HONOUR system, (honest honour, not political honour), and NOT re-read it once you're finished and read the question.

The Poets Words

Gather 'round my friends
To hear the poets words.

Plucked from the whispers on the wind.
Pulled from the far recesses of the psyche.
Drawn from the very fibres of the paper.
Carefully crafted are the poets words.

Painting images in our minds.
Stirring emotions in our hearts.
Sending shivers down our spines.
Touching our very souls.
Are the poets words.

And yet who is this poet
That stands before us
Knocking on the doors
Of our hearts to let him in.

Why does he look so
This poet who says;
"Delusions have no substance
But dreams are attainable."

From where does this poet come
This poet who deems;
"The one that knows their worth,
Is worth what they know."

What does he desire, this poet
Who wonders; "when a man learns to walk
Do we continue to make him crawl
Or do we teach him to fly."

This poet,
Whose words seem to be ours
Even as he speaks them.

This poet,
Who's merely the tool
We use to emote.

So, we hear the words of
Without really listening to
This poet.

Whose secrets read between the lines
Whose heart bleeds into every phrase
Whose passions rage throughout his speech.
Whose soul screams to be heard

And as we walk away
        as we walk away
            we walk away
With only these questions
Garnering our attention.

So I,
The poet
Retrieve my floating messages
For the point becomes mute.
Because already forgotten
And now lost to you
Are the poets words.

And the QUESTION is...without re-reading it...within that poem, the Poet actually says something (hint);

Q: "What are 'The Poets Words'?"
(email me with your answers and I'll tell you if you are correct...don't post it)


  1. The very FIRST person to send the correct response is...

    Sliding in as well is...

  2. The poet says, "...(correct answer edited by author)..."
    Not only did i look back, but i also remembered you telling me. It was great talkin to you that one fine day. I have not fully explored your site yet, but I will. Take it easy. Watch you dont get caught with that "invisible" sword of God! *cops...most of them will never get it.
    Chris. Sudbury.

  3. Sorry Bruce...wrong answer...this is a place for correct answers only, but thanks for trying. Awaken to the wisdom of this moment. You are at the door of your self...walk through.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  4. The heart of hearts feels the emotional sins of mankind. He sees and feels the sufferings and pain of this world. There is only one solution to this deleterious plight and that is love. When love is found throughout the minds of men, then and only then will peace and tranquility be met.

    1. Sorry StatenIsland:
      While your comment is itself very poetic and is NOT the answer to the riddle, but thank you for visiting and reading.
      your humble servant,
      ancient clown


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