Thursday, March 23, 2006

BIBLE---Ancient Version

Hello Everyone:

With the authority given me by GOD, I decided to write another version of the BIBLE to help clear up some of the confusion. Taking into consideration the severity of this undertaking, I had to be extremely careful not to add to, nor take away from as CHRIST warned.

After years of extreme, in depth and carefully calculated study I have finished.

Below is the finished 'Ancient Version' of the WORD.


  1. What is your view on the rumors that the vatican has with held vital scrolls\texts that were discovered that question the meaning of the Christianity? i.e. Gospel of St. Thomas

  2. Hi Lennie:
    I am honored by your visit but I don't play in the 'rumour mill'. My dad taught me it's too dangerous, to play safe, keep it real.
    The church won't be very happy with my answer to your question, but considering "Vatican" is also within my name, I feel honesty to be the better policy.
    The Vatican, as it stands is as corrupt as the governments and (no offence to you personally) the police and have turned their back on GOD & LAW...The Pope in Rome is a pretender to the office, while GOD's TRUE voice walks the earth.
    Summing up Lennie: I feel religions were created by the guys who didn't understand what the spiritual dudes were talking about, otherwise you'd just see a bunch of spiritual dudes walking around.

    That's why I choose to re-write the BIBLE. So we're all on the same page. I hope this answers your question.

  3. Lennie: My apologies it was also my intention to include in my post the essence of the teachings of which you spoke so I AM, doing it now.

    Gospel of St. Thomas - What Does It Say?
    The Gospel of St. Thomas declares that the Kingdom of God exists upon the earth today if people just open their eyes. There is "divine light" within all of us, which allows us to see the Kingdom of God in our physical surroundings. The Image of God at the beginning of creation (Genesis 1) still exists today. We can assume that Image still, which is different than the image of fallen man (Adam) in Genesis 2. The Gospel of St. Thomas reveals that mankind can and should restore their identities to the image of God now, and see the Kingdom of God on earth now. This text treats the first two chapters of Genesis in a non-traditional way. It holds that there were two separate creations of mankind -- the first was perfect and the second was flawed. Rather than wait for a future end-time Kingdom to come, the writer of this book exhorts people to return to the perfect Kingdom conditions of Genesis 1 now.

    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  4. Dear MR. Ancient Clown, I've just located your info as I stumbled across it while looking for information about the codex. I saw an ad and missed the show so I was just looking online. Anyway, I've read the bible myself several times and felt that my participation in and with organizations were detrimental to some narrow minded hyprocrits. I look forward to reading your insights. As I am very intuitive, I feel good about you and will read your version of the bible. I felt like God wanted me to share my interpretations, but lack the skill and time. I do feel that god is all about love, and we all go somewhere when we die. but the choices are limited based on our learning and ability to love. I am surprised to see how much stuff you have on these web pages....I was going to publish as the common man and put all profits into a business run by homeless people. It would really only pay a little, but would give medical coverage, housing, and food. basically provide the minimum to just help people get on their feet. I'm sure you've thought of or did all of this already. You seem to be a man of action. I get caught up in the day to day and struggle with just remembering the basics. I can always take a deep breath and love and be patient with most people. I still struggle with people that seem to embrace evil.
    I guess I am hoping you can share your opinion and knowledge. ****What should we do about the evil people. Not the ignorant or careless, but truley evil? We can try to stay out of the way, but they have a way of finding us....The pure hearted easy going types. I have found that the govt. is pretty good at dealing with some of the most severe offenders. Sorry for the sloppy run on blah blah blah, I havn't slept much and was also trying to rush as I have a lot to do today. Thanks for your works. I hope you are able to open some minds. JD

  5. I'v read more, and your heart is pure, but I read GOD referred to you as Guardians of Destiny. There is a god and we are all part of him/it like atoms of an element. Too much evil and like cancer god dies. That's probably why people are becomming more conscientious. We are connected spiritually. That's how we communicate. If you can relate to the matrix, I was given a sort of download by god or an agent of god in 1994. I was praying for wisdom a lot when I wasn't thanking god for everything. I was in a bad place at the time and was contemplating a wrong turn when I was visited. I was near sleep and it very well could have been a dream, but I don't think so. Anyway, I know things that I don't understand. It's what I now call common sense. unfortunately it doesn't come with the vocabulary. I have to talk around issues with examples. You however sound quite educated. I will continue reading, but just wanted to point out that we are in this together. "We" would be everything and everyone. Let me know if you understand, and I will know if I know you or if I'm wasting my time reading your works. I've heard others that are close to the truth, but for some reason they get side tracked. I don't think that's you. You seem humble and right on the mark. Your newly found brother- Its nice to know you exist. you give me hope. JD

  6. Blessings JD:
    Thank you for reading and writing. While I appreciate your comments I'd like to point out that; "I don't think i know...I just know I'm thinking."
    We are ONE.
    As for the EVIL(those who "Live Backwards)...teach them the Tone of TRUTH. ALL have been lied to by man, but not by GOD.
    Anywhere and everywhere you can find the TRUTH, the journey has been worthwhile.
    If we can learn "How to BE" instead of worrying about "What to DO", everything will fall into place. Let us BE the changes we want to see.
    I hope this helps.
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown

  7. I like the Bible for the historical stuuf as it's interesting to see how we used to live. & let you search/study/read the Bible(s) online.


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