Sunday, May 21, 2006


This is a post for the nay-sayers to say 'nay'.
To have their gripe and say I can't live that way.
Just watch your $#^!ing words,
And please don't sound absurd.
I AM, who I AM, despite what you say.
Who you are, is the question of the day.
So go lip off, but don't be rude,
There's no excuse for being crude.

your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

Here's a starter for you from someone too cowardly to leave their name...I hope the rest of you attackers are braver.

Anonymous said...
get a job, oh yeah, and pay taxes... like most other people do... so then more "parasites" can live off of the regular people who work and are being productive and are too busy hanging out in public places all day... and then after having worked all day for 5 days a week come back and see what you feel like writing...


  1. It's great!
    Writting is quite easy,but writting well is another thing...
    Anonymous...bahh,there are a lot of them, all the same...
    Keep posting!=)

  2. Anonymous is so downright rude! I wonder if he/she is that great and moral in real life.. seriously, I doubt it!

    Hilarious! telling you to work a living, when the person portrays serious denial and joblessness, giving a comment like that!

  3. Don´t listen to the anonymous, they don´t have the guts to say their own name!!

  4. Thank you everyone for jumping to my aid, but it is really not neccassary. Though they sound very much like my dealings with the 'VICTORIA POLICE' as of late, I gave these cowards a place to come and spew as they will for a bring them out into the light.
    Please do not feel it is neccassary to defend me here, but rather STAND against 'them' out there. Together, we are stronger than when divided...let us put aside our differences and STAND TOGETHER with GOD with all that we share.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  5. Perhaps what annonymous meant was: "My life revolves around work that lacks meaningful purpose and paying taxes part of which goes to help people I'd rather not help, and seeing your blog makes me face these things and I resent you for that and for doing what you believe in. Everyone should be miserable like me." I feel sorry for this person.

    I don't happen to think there is a "God" and so don't relate to the path you have chosen in life, but it is your life and your path to follow. I wish you well.

  6. Hello Ancient Clown...
    Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my article "I think.. therefore I am"...

    I appreciate your comments and visits... I wrote a reply message for you... "I think.. Therefore I am"

    Take care...

    ps>> did you see your pic of your dream that I wrote on the wall for you? If not, here is the link. The pic is yours to keep. Thanks much for your contribution. I enjoyed doing it for you, and all who responded. Maybe we can do another "project" in the future.... I Dream of?


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