Saturday, March 11, 2006

Law of Life (a=b)

I don't have any problems with any opinions on anything I say...I only ask not to be misquoted, as I realize there is little I can do about being misunderstood by some.

It was brought to my attention through Daniel Quinn's books that although Newton had discovered the "Laws of Physics", giving a standard for all equally, the "Laws of Life" seemed to be still evading us, so we live by man's rules instead...I agree and have outlined the Laws below as I've observed them.

(Law of Civilized Man) Wanter's/Takers--->
a + c = d

a is you
c is cash/credit
d is desires/wants (security/control)

you (a) + money(c) = gets what you want(d)...fighting to gain security/ will recognize this formula everywhere on the face of the earth regardless of race, religion, or political structure. It is approx. 10,000 - 15,000 yrs old and has not stood the full test of time...nor will it, for it is unbalanced.

(Ancient Natural Law of Life) Needer's/Leavers-->
a = b

a is you
b is everything/needs ( joy)

you(a)=equals your needs(b)...attaining joy...this formula is as old as creation itself and is balanced. All who live in this manner understand that everything we NEED is already out there waiting for us on our journey exactly WHEN we need it...we only need 'walk in the way' to obtain it.

You will notice that the only constant to both equations is 'you' or 'a' and that 'd' & 'b' mirror each other much as our wants and needs do. Jesus tried to teach us that God has already provided everything we need, we just have to stop throwing it back in His face saying it's not what we want.

Therefore... as 'Evolution' proves only the successful now have a formula to follow and not become extinct...Take it or Leave it...Want it or Need it. 'GOD' gave you free will...use it wisely...I'm not here to take it FROM you, but to put it back into your hands...Christ died to give everyone a second chance. As the 'Son of Man', I'm here to see that you get it.

'WISDOM' is not the 'accumulation' of knowledge, but rather the 'proper application' of knowledge. Do not seek to to be wise.
Hearing is different from listening... listening implies action.

As we are EITHER a part of the problem OR a part of the solution, it stands to reason that as soon as we STOP being a part of the problem, we immediately BECOME a part of the solution. Please Remember, I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking.

7 musical notes---(cdefgab)
7 colours in rainbow-(roygbiv)
7 senses (not 5) -(INTUITION -6th & EMPATHY -7th).

Breathe DEEP...Breathe SLOW...

Enjoy the journey, I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


  1. Thanks for this A.C. Any chance you can post your theories on colour and senses in more detail? You explained it to me down at the Box one day and found it very interesting.

  2. Hi boiler rat:
    I haven't meant to be ignoring you, but I hope you understand that explaining something to a single person when you are able to adept to them and connect directly is a little different than revealing these things to many at once.

    Less words...more meaning.

    Missinterpretation and confusion is easy if you do not keep it SIMPLE. However in making it simple enough for a child it becomes too complex for a genius. To borrow a very accurate description of the first book on my list for might help to follow the sequence but it's not neccassary.

  3. Ancient Clown,
    I love how you can always find a way to allow for your listener to think of the answer to their questions themselves. Never once in our conversations have you foced an oppinion, you only talked and listened. Although you and I think differently about God, in the end, eveything is in the same light. You are a gift to this world, and everyone one you interact with is better because of it. I love the blog.. it's nice to be able to 'hear' you without seeing you.

  4. You truly are a master of both knoledge and sciences, may i say kudos to you and what you think, and as you said its not that you know is just that you know you think, and i hope that wasn't a misquote. thank you for everything posted im sure it will prove a worthy read every time.

  5. Bro, I was thinkin that Law of Life is speak de truth... anyway, it very worth for me to read it... I had gain somethin from here...


  6. Good insight! i will read more on your blogs. Please link me to it...

  7. Hello,
    You advertised this link on the blog of a friend, where an image of a galaxy cluster had been posted. I felt compelled to follow the link because I was quite confused by your post.

    I remain confused by your "Law of Life", in fact I am more confused by this blog. Maybe I just misunderstand you, in which case I give my deepest apologies.

    Here are some examples and some constructive criticism. I hope it doesn't cause me to be censored from your blog. I fear your audience has different tastes than I do, but you did ask us to visit your blog:

    1) Could you explain to me the Compassionate/Sympathetic View vs. the Empathic view?

    2) What exactly does this have to do with Quantum Physics? How should we alter quantum physics to be more Empathic?

    3) How are Newton's Law "giving a standard for all"? They're not right, as shown by Einstein, and Einstein's equations are probably not completely right.

    4) In general, your equations don't add up. You posit a(you)+c(cash)=d(desires). This is nonsensical. In Newton's equations, for instance, F(force)=m(mass)*a(acceleration), the both sides of the equation are in the units of force. The equation you have written above is the same as me saying "5 apples+6 oranges = 8 oranges". If you want to mathematize your theory, your equations have to obey mathematical rules or else they are quite meaningless.

    5) As part of your theory, you call for us to not live by man's laws but by nature's.
    If your a=b equation is really nature's equation, then it should apply to all nature, not just humans. Otherwise it is a law of man by definition. So my question is, what does a=b say about why the moon doesn't plummet into the Earth? My point here is that calling something a natural law that is "old as creation itself and is balanced" is quite a weighty claim. Was there such a law before there were people or animals?

    6) After all of this you list 7 colors, 7 notes, 7 senses. These are defined by man! Human eyes can only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In truth there are way more than seven colors. The same goes for musical notes. We've arbitarily broken up the small part of the spectrum of sound we can hear into 7 notes. We could have just as well broken in up into 8. I won't even go into the 7 senses, because the latter two are uniquely human. All of these 7's are by definition centered on humans.


  8. Hi bk:
    Thanks for dropping by and as I said at the start I have 'no problems' with any of your opinions as that's the only way to expand and explain it better for all. Please bear with me as I attempt this for you and others with your questions.

    1.View Explaination:GOD To begin with perspective I will take a coffee cup and turn the handle from you so you are unable to see it. I will tell you that for this exercise we shall make this cup GOD or LOVE, and I will ask you to describe GOD to me that I may better understand. However, I will warn you before you begin, if you do not change your perspective at all from where you are sitting, at the end of your description I will just turn the cup to the side and say;"Don't you have a handle on GOD?"
    If you take whatever you are observing and made it as a marble, placing it inside a basketball(yourself as observer), you will be able to see it from all sides at once...not just one angle. That is STILL just one perspective in total(compassion/sympathy). Empathathic view is when you become the marble and look out.

    2. It's not so much about 'altering physics' as it is about better understanding perspective. The observer becomes apart of and effects the outcome of, his doesn't it matter HOW he observes?

    3. What I meant here is that 'LAWS' are different than 'rules'. Whether I'm the boss or the janitor, the 'LAWS of PHYSICS' effects us both the same. I drop a pen, he drops a pen they both fall EQUALLY.(Sorry if I worded that incorrectly)

    4. These formulas are more philosophical than entirely mathamatical. With that said however, 'a+c=d' IS recognizable the world over regardless of race, religion or political structure. So is 'a=b', just ask anyone who has 'walked in the way'. Those are the little miracles people speak of when describing how in the middle of nowhere they received EXACTLY what they needed, though it makes no sense as to how it got there.
    When the SUNAMI hit, the people living 'a+c=d' were the ones who didn't and poor alike. However, there was an absense of large animals, native tribes, etc. that had that same death toll.

    5. You are equal to your needs...a=b. BALANCED.
    You are NOT equal to your wants...a+c=d, without another variable(cash/credit). UNBALANCED. The moon is where it NEEDS to be.

    6.You are incorrect in assuming these latter senses are uniquely human. Pets have been known to "SENSE" when their owner is coming home from work, as well as many other examples such as dolphins working with handicapped children, etc.
    However, even if that were true, you'd have to admit that everytime you said;"Oooh I should have trusted my instincts", that had you done so your life path would have gone in a different direction bringing about different choices. The same can be said when you include EMPATHY in your decision making. You will no longer say and do certain things to the people and enviroment around you, thus leading you down a different path again bringing about different choices.
    These two things will have lead you away from the destruction that is coming...Therefore, you will survive the evolutionary step while those cut off from their empathy and not trusting their instincts WILL NOT.

    These things were taught by Jesus within his wording, and experienced by me, by following Him. I just tried to put it down as best I could. I hope this helps. If not...write back again.

    I'm also misunderstood when I say;"I AM, not here to be argued with but to be listened to". That in no way is meant to imply I don't want to openly communicate with people...just avoid that;"No your not...yes, I AM." type of wallbanging.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  9. There's no email for you here either--but mine is right in my sidebar. You could also send email to me via the house email addy on our house page. You want a talk, that's fine.


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