Sunday, March 19, 2006

ANAGRAMically Speaking

"Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it." --Hab.2:2--

I am, a messenger, the least, who has been raised up to act as the most...which means ALL of you are greater than me...and I seek your aid and assistance in saving all our peoples from destruction.

I am known by many names across many lands...I have a birth name, a given name, my real name, and a name God has given me which is a 'secret name'...I have anagram-ed my name;

'Ancient Ward Vall Clown' and found some sacred wisdoms both light and dark...I seek to bring out the light. A couple of anagramed words/phrases that I would like to share are:

Call an Ancient world
Canadian C.E.O.
Vatican Landowner
Oneida Clan
Ancient World Clan
New Lion Clan

New Covenant
Own all Native Land

All Crown Land
I Own All Land
I Own All Water
Van Lion

End Lion
Ward Covenant all win
Iron Wand
Covenant Win all war
Ancient Van Ward

Wind Covenant
Dawn Covenant.
Native Canon
Write Law
Ancient Law
I Wrote Law
Ancient Lord
A love call
A call to live
Not an evil call

End ALL War
Well-worn and valiant C.C.

I'm hoping there are those wise enough to understand, when i say; 
"I'm not making it up...I'm simply spelling it out for you."
But the real question to ask yourself is NOT...
"Who I AM" ...but Who am I?...Take a blank piece of paper and at the top of the page write your full name. You now have the alphabet to write out your own story and begin to find out who you are.

"'My Life' is a movie, and everyone is in it...but I've put you all in charge of writing your own parts...write wisely."

Breathe DEEP...Breathe SLOW

Darkness always flees into the shadows at the coming of the light

Even across the farthest depths of space, the darkness is unable to stop the stars from shining, even years after they are gone.

GOD never gives us more than we can handle...though we will often disagree.

FREE WILL is not defined in your day to day decisions...FREE WILL is defined by your INITIAL decision to find out who you are in GOD's eyes...not just from everyone else's perspective, including your own which has been pushed on you from birth...but rather, as GOD sees you in the fullness of your you were be.


  1. I will be watching and reading and listening and digesting. I am a truth seeker, soulseer, and I too have an ecclectic spiritual sense. Welcome and have a good day.

  2. Hi babs and's some more truth to share.
    All of us have different WANTS but we all share the same NEEDS. If we live for our NEEDS instead of our WANTS then we would ALL be living together with the same goals.
    Because we live for our WANTS instead, man's greatest and only REAL invention has been garbage--because everything he makes ends up there.
    Nobody NEEDS why do we make it?

  3. AC,your picture looks familiar.Do I know you from Virginia?

  4. Though I have never left North America I have been seen in over 131 countries around the world. Pretty tricky eh? So I am unable to say for sure
    And yes I AM, saying this, as this is...I AM, who I AM, nothing less nor more.

  5. Do you know of the two houses and the restoration of Israel?

  6. Do not speak in riddle to me,I am not an idiot nor do I swallow bullshit. If you are a follower of Yeshua Ha'Machiah and YHWH is your God, do not speak in riddle and certainly I am aware that he who is in me is in you,Right? Talk to me,not down to me.

  7. Check YOUR attitude Babs and save your Bitchin for others. Not being an idiot you should understand the necessity for Parables. I've neither indicated you were stupid nor have I fed you B.S.
    Though I play the fool often, I do NOT suffer them well.
    Your GOD is My GOD and I was given a message for ALL...not just you. I would not be so arrogent to call GOD by any other name than "ABBA", as taught to me by the 'HOLY SPIRIT'.
    Mine is a Spiritual path not a Religeous one. Have you been to any other post of mine? They're ALL connected. Or has your truth seeking only brought you to this page?

    I give you milk and you can not drink it, I give you milk and you ask for solid food.
    I AM, not a follower, but a leader.
    Whom will YOU follow?
    It will be your ACTIONS that determine that, not your words, so save them...and LISTEN.

    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  8. Riddles and parables are two different things.Do you know how many names my Lord has? Abba is just one. I give credit where credit is due but YOU sir must tread lightly.If you are to teach to the masses, that is a good thing but do not refer to yourself as I AM as you are clearly not.It is blasphemy for you to approach things in an egocentric manner as you have. Teach but do not hinder understanding.Preach but do not claim to be more than you are. My God is a jealous God and for you to make reference as if you are one and the same, well, you scare me!

  9. --Explain them.
    --The only one the humble feel they have any right to use.
    --KEEP your credit, I don't accept it, nor is it YOUR place but GOD's alone to give what is deemed due to me.
    --If I AM, not who I AM...who am I?
    --Then wouldn't that make you blasphemous in your approach.
    --Your GOD is a loving GOD and she told me to tell you your main problem is you are talking instead of listening.

    Let them hear that has an ear.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  10. Hello ANCIENT:

    I met you last week on Salt Spring Island, Canada, and I left without really getting another chance to talk to you again, it's a shame. But maybe we'll cross paths another time.

    Do you plan on staying on the island till next summer?

    1. Blessings crashcrazykhloex;

      We may well cross paths again, but i don't really make plans as much as live daily in the now. I never really know how long i'm going to be someplace, as i walk with the wind and one day the wind blows, calling me with it.
      You can always visit me here, on my Youtube Channel or Google+ until our paths cross again.
      your humble servant,
      ancient clown


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