Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ancient Meanings

For those who seek to say what they mean...and mean what they say.

Hearing and Listening are not the same thing...listening implies action.

Honest IS as honest DOES.

Looking and Seeing are not the same can look and still not see or see without looking.

MARTYR means; A Witness to the TRUTH 

TRUTH is not subject to our Opinions, Beliefs nor Perspectives, but is the perspective from which to SEE.

Terrorism is a word made up by 'cowardly bullies' that they use on people when they begin to defend themselves.

Love is not just something you say...Love is in what you do.

Talking and Communicating are not the same can talk without communicating, and communicate without talking.

Hate is NOT the opposite of LOVE...indifference is.

Apathy is the opposite of Empathy and worse than willful participation.

Coincidence is the lazt one's way of explaining events so they don't have to THINK about it any further.

The word "Can't" has been abolished from all languages, as it was discovered to be a has been changed to "Having trouble with", opening new doors of possibilities.

'ART' is the center of 'EARTH'

"Butterfly" has been changed back to "Flutterby"...I've changed the 'F' and 'B' in order to STOP confusing the children.

Saying your sorry only means you're sorry you didn't get away with it...Being sorry means it never happens again. 

Wisdom is not the 'accumulation' of knowledge...Wisdom is the 'proper application' of knowledge.

'FREE WILL' is not defined in your day to day decisions...'FREE WILL' is defined by your INITIAL decision to find out who you are in GOD's eyes...not just from everyone else's perspective, including your own, which has been pushed on you from birth...but rather, as GOD sees you in the fullness of your you were be.

BIBLE -- Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

"EVIL" is just 'Live Backwards'

"LOVE" is the 'Beginning of Evolution'

GOD -- Guardians Of Destiny.

Original Sin -- not listening.


  1. You actually replaced th "Fl" and B. How is this confusing?

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