Saturday, March 25, 2006


Examining the meaning behind the Myth.

As some of you are already AWARE, I re-wrote the BIBLE...for ALL. To even begin such a task was daunting because of Christ's warnings about adding to or subtracting from the WORD of GOD. Most of us recognize the cycles or circles of life but sometimes have a hard time adapting to or exercising control over those cycles.
To get to the END of any circle you must first go to the BEGINNING and 'step out' or 'rise above' it. Therefore the 'End of Days' must also have a I went back to the 'beginning' where the 'MARK of CAIN' was first placed on man till the 'End of Days', to find out why?

Taking into account to find the right answers I must first ask the right questions I examined the information in front of me: Cain was marked for killing his brother Abel whom GOD loved.
Cain was a farmer, Abel was a shepherd.
Abel was loved by GOD and walked in His favor...and Cain...not so much.
Out of jealousy Cain kills Abel.

Taking a step backward for a second to gain a better perspective, I ask myself..."WHY was Abel loved by GOD and Cain...not so much?" To examine closer, I move in closer on each one separately:

ABEL: a shepherd who tended his flocks and lived by his needs. He didn't take them to a watering hole until they drank it dry, but quenched their thirst and moved them on. He didn't overgraze an area, but let them eat as they moved. He didn't go off in search of all the wolves in the area and kill them...just stopped them from eating his sheep. If a lamb wandered off, he would leave the others and go in search of it. He ate of the nuts , berries, plants and herbs already provided. Walked intuitively, and had empathy for all that surrounded him. Living for his needs he lived in BALANCE.

CAIN: a farmer who tired of walking, so decided to cut down some trees to make a home for himself that was safe and secure (though he destroys the homes of many to do so...he is more important). Cuts down more trees to make room for his favorite foods for when he wants them. (though he destroys the food source of many to do so...he is more important). Kills all the birds who would eat his seeds, kills all the foxes who would eat his hens, kills all the wolves who would eat his sheep, kills all the bears who would eat his cattle and kills all the insects that would eat his crops. (though he kills all of GOD's creatures to do so...his creatures are more important).
He ignores his intuitive, is cut off from his Empathy by his Apathy. Living for his wants he lives UNBALANCED and thumbs the scales of justice to his favor.
What I end up deriving from this was that GOD's love & mercy for CAIN was actually so great that he didn't destroy Cain when he could have and had reason to do so. Instead he marked him that he may yet still learn why he was created by GOD.
But even so, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE must still prevail so there is an end, of which GOD alone knows the final day, that CAIN must face up to his actions.
or simply put...
"If we CAIN stop killing...We'll never be ABEL to survive. "

We are beings of seven senses, not just 5. Trust and follow your intuitive and re-awaken your empathy if you hope to survive what is coming. This is the YEAR OF BALANCE. The birth of the 'New Age' began last year in 2005 and the process continues for the next 7 yrs. Those who remain using only 5 senses will not have followed their intuitive -6th, that lead them from harms way because they weren't walking in the way.
Those who use 7 senses will make different decisions opening up different choices, leading them down a different path that is away from 'Harms Way'. Those who use 7 senses will have attained their 'Crowning Achievement' and will not be bitten by the insects that carry disease because they will have the 'MARK of GOD' upon their heads.
STAND, still in the face of it all, and when it is done, you will be still standing. Remember...I'm the guy who defines 'ORIGINAL SIN' as 'Not Listening'.
I don't think I know...I'm sharing what I'm thinking.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown


  1. Nice blog. Love it. Keep it up.

  2. "The best things in life aren't things." -Art Buchwald

    Thought this quote fit your entry. :)

  3. Nice and artistic. But, you needed a lot of time to make it. And God give us all in average the same time in this world, after the time itself was created.
    Thus, you destroyed a part of God's creation in God's name, I assume?
    Do animal sacrifies do the same?

    Time and space are those that makes things bigger and smaller, massive or massless (with body or without). Add a few limits, and that is the world we live in. But in return, masses respond: Poor space and time, without us you wouldn't even exist.

  4. Good writing & nice use of words.

  5. I couldn't agree more with your story. Good writing, and a good blog.

  6. . . . Sanctuary!. . . Sanctuary! At first , I thought what "good fortune" to have stumbled upon this place quite by chance. But after more thought , I always knew this place existed . . . but for reasons known only to me and God, I didn't really believe I was already a "member". . . Thanks all, for "keeping my place at the table" until I found my way clear to join you all for a
    'decent meal'.

  7. very interesting thank you


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