Sunday, March 19, 2006

The "FLUTTERBY" Campaign

Gather 'round the fire folks and I'll tell ya the story behind;
"The Flutterby Campaign". This story begins a long time ago, as stories such as these always do, in lands far, far away. It begins at the birth of Civilization, when people started to feel pretty darn good about themselves and all their greatness. They'd stopped walking the earth, figuring they'd seen all they needed to and built themselves cities to make life easier. They sent out their brightest scientists to gather and label any remaining specimens. They sent out their fastest runners to bring these specimens back to the cities.They sent the scribes to the learning centres to write down the information brought back by the runners.However, over time, with the scientists out in the fields for long stretches at a time and the runners always running, it was the scribes lazing around the cities who got all the accolades and praise for how smart everyone was getting. All this attention went to their heads and they started developing the attitude; "It is nothing...until we put it down...and then it is...Forever."
Then one day a runner comes back, all out of breath he passes the newest specimen to the scribe saying; "Here you are sir, it's the newest specimen, he called it the "Yellow Flutterby". The scribe snapped it from his hands saying, "Obviously you're a moron and you've gotten it all "Bass Ackwards". Indicating towards the specimen he says, "It's got wings so obviously it's something that flies you dolt, and with this yellow buttery colour, he obviously called it a "Butterfly" and you've gotten it confused." The scribe then grabs his writing tool saying, "I'm just putting it down...", and despite the runners objections; "But sir, I'm sure he said...", "Ah Ah", the scribe exclaims cutting the runner off, "It is Butterfly...Forever!" and with a dazzling flash of his hand and tool, slams the book shut.

Years later, the scientist returns from the fields for a well deserved break and is reading one of the books when he notices this, "I didn't call it a Butterfly", he protested loudly, "That doesn't make any sense. I called it a "Flutterby" cause that's what it does."

It was decided by those who considered themselves in charge that it wasn't really that important and considering the costs of re-writing, the fears people might have that other information might be incorrect and the panic that might cause, things would be left the way they were and the book would remain closed on this issue.

But that didn't happen, children, of all things, were the ones who kept coming back to this. Upon their first sighting of the wondrous creatures they would exclaim, in broken child words which say less and mean more, "" The parent would then correct the child and say; "No, no, no...Butterfly." Of course, this confuses the bejeepers out of the child and nothing ever makes sense again.

Thus began secretly, "The Flutterby Campaign". Years and generations of this senseless living has been going on and it needs to stop. The time has come to open up the books and change the "F" and "B". Stop confusing the children. Now this is where the SECRET part of the plan comes into play (so bad guys stop reading now)...once we finally get them to open the books to make this change, and before they can close them up again, we'll say; "Ah, Ah, now that we've got the books open...there's a few other small things we'd like to fix." But we won't mention that at first...we'll flutter it by them.


  1. fluutr flutter flutter
    butter butter butter
    well ... i say let da best prson get da name of mamin sm1 :-)

  2. nice story, indeed(^_^)very interesting the whole blog. compliments (^_=)

  3. Cool story, does get you thinking though doesn't it.

  4. indeed....out of the mouths of babes....kool reading....

    a.k.a. "dragonflyfilly" at Flamingo's Hideaway


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