Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Planting a Seed

Like a stone hitting the stillness of a pond,
so have the ripples of learning gone out
to the four corners of the Earth.

"Treeman" ---For obvious reasons, One of the names by which I AM, known. Having an impromptu tree class...planting a seed, putting down solid roots, and then branching off into other things.

Taking a break after a tree class...(-all that splitting & twisting-) whew

The man behind the "Treeman"...Brother James & Mike chillaxe-ing

In just a few short years since Brother James shared the 'Secret of the Trees' with me, I have continued daily to teach and make TREES out of wire. My trees have found their way to Japan, Brazil, Peru, Africa, Israel, Scotland, Ireland, China, Australia, England and Russia to mention some. With each tree that has gone forth as a present, the number that has gone forth as gifts is exponentially higher.

(To learn how to 'Make a Tree'...click on picture)

"To give a person a tree, is to give them a present...To teach a person how to make a tree, is to give them a gift for life." ---teach a child how to make a tree...put the power of creation back in their hands and they'll put away their guns & stop killing you.

I don't think I know...I just know it's worth a shot.

your humble servant,

Ancient Clown

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