Friday, March 24, 2006

Books to Read

I have two LAWS I follow when sharing Information:

1.Never give it to them all at once.


  1. Thanks for the visit...
    About the moon, I also fook it from somebody else... That's how it works!!!

  2. I understand, however yours was the first site I came across that had it...thank you for sharing.

  3. Regarding your blog censoring the voices of people who are intelligent enough to even respond to what you write, you are preventing a meaningful dialogue that might help open the minds of your readers (in regard to the comment moderation). It is great to listen to someone who has wisdom; it is better to dialogue with them. Please keep in mind that the dialogue doesn't have to be an argument, but know that without questioning, how are we to fully understand what you are saying? Just a few thoughts from a less-than-articulate thinker.

  4. Hi again Bunnyjo:
    I take it you are referring to the tag;"I AM, not here to be argued with, but to be listened to."

    I choose my words carefully as I seek to say what I mean and mean what I say.

    That line is in NO WAY meant to censor or prevent dialogue, exactly the opposite. However, it is much easier to communicate with someone if they are on the same page. It's meant to teach people to find out for themselves...just as offering you those books to read so you could learn more about HEMP so that we may converse with more information and thereby more intelligence.

    I'm always available for questions, however you must admit, to find the right answers you must first find the right question.
    You're not going to find the beach by asking for the mountains.

    Unfortunately, for all of us maybe, but I got picked to be that messenger...and it does no good to argue with the to listen and find out for yourself.
    You know in your heart it's true, so do it.
    I hope this helps explain.

  5. P.S. That is the WISDOM of recognizing the 'Sign of Jonah'. He didn't come with flashes of lightening and great miracles, but with the simple WORD of GOD that everyone one wisely LISTENED to and changed their fate.
    Instead of just looking at what I've you see?

  6. I don't know if I see, but I am listening. It is hard to listen when skepticism gets in the way...after all, you do make some pretty outrageous claims about who you are. Christ did as well and look what happened to him. Challenging status quo and society is a dangerous thing and often results in little wrist-slaps as you discovered with the magistrate. But back to what you were saying...I still think the comment moderation is a put-off for some people, but obviously not me. It hasn't prevented me from bleeding brain cells all over your blog. ;)

  7. Hi Bunny:

    You must clean up after yourself very well, I haven't noticed one splotch of blood, nor any squishy cells lingering.
    Thank you.
    As for this statement;"you do make some pretty outrageous claims about who you are".
    I'm not sure what you mean, which ones? I AM, who I AM, nothing less and nothing more. Everything else is from what I've earned and is recognized by others.
    I don't tell THEM...THEY tell me, I'm only sharing with you.
    I AM, who I AM, and none but GOD can take that from me as that is from wence it came.

    your humble servant,
    Ancient CLown

    p.s. Keep questioning...test everything...LISTEN to GOD yourself and then you WILL know who I AM, and by whose authority I speak.

  8. My books ask many questions about God, religion, the nexus between religion and commercialised sport and so on. Look at my site if you dare!


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