Sunday, March 12, 2006

War on the Poor

Below is a copy of a recent letter,(minus the colours), sent to the HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH in numerous countries, the United Nations, The President of the United States, The Prime Minister of Canada, and a few selected others.

To ALL Whom This Concerns:

First and foremost, we all need to recognize that there are poor people of every race, religion, age, sex, etc. and that most of the atrocities and injustices happen to them because they have NO protection...because they have NO rights...and this is by NO accident.

This is not exaggeration nor booklearning, this is experience speaking. As a former member of the "Princess of Wales Own Regiment" who was awarded for "Best Section" during training, a member of ACTRA & Equity for over 15yrs and someone who was certified-with Distinction, with Fight Directors Canada and had an award named after him, I had not had so much as a speeding ticket before I started speaking out on behalf of the poor and homeless in Canada.

Since I started speaking out publicly, a campaign to demonize & criminalize me has begun. I have been falsely accused of assault & mischief, where I was then denied a lawyer to defend myself because I don't "QUALIFY" for legal aid...meaning I really was poor. But, with GOD's guidance, even though I was on my own, I was able to prove the cops that were 'acting' as witnesses against me, were also lying. However, even though I was able to beat the charges, no one was charged for falsely accusing me, nor for committing perjury when they lied on the stand.

Then within months of my release, and after another speaking event in a different city, the police came into a homeless shelter and in front of approx. 20 witnesses, attempted to murder me by rendering me unconscious without legal intent. Failing this they attempted to have me committed against my will. Again they failed, so charged me with "resisting arrest" and "obstruction of justice" and jailed me for SEVEN days, "in the hole", denying me again a lawyer, a phone call, a bible, and yard time...only releasing me under extreme bail conditions when I informed them, (after their last list of threats, which included; "Keeping me there for months until I pleaded guilty to one of their charges."), that; "I would be more than willing to sit there until the walls fall down around me before I plead guilty to something I haven't done, and they might want to take into consideration that I AM, but a simple man of GOD, and if the Good LORD doesn't want me there, the walls may come down sooner than they think."
They let me go that day.

They kept postponing my 'trial' until AFTER my passport expired and then they dropped all the charges when we went before the judge. (Who didn't want to hear from me at all).

To this date, the FREE PRESS refuses to cover the story, the Canadian Human Rights people say it's not covered under their guidelines and there's nothing they can do. Not one person has been charged for ANY of the crimes against me...SO are free to continue to do it to others.

The REAL crime in all this, is that I'm not even close to being the first or only person this has happened to...I'm only one of the rare ones to survive it...much to YOUR dismay because you don't really want to hear it. YOUR apathy allows it to continue. I've already stood up against it...when will YOU stand behind me.

The BASE teachings of CHRIST were to go forth with money in your bag, just your sandals, cowl and staff. Moses led the people through the desert for 40yrs...Homeless. Abel walked the earth with his flocks, everything he NEEDED was provided.

Please understand the difference between a "threat" and a "warning"...this is NOT a threat...this IS a warning. I AM, here to END the "WAR ON THE POOR AND GOD"...with your surrender or your destruction...that choice is yours. Stand behind me or continue to follow them. Just because I say it doesn't mean it's true and just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean it's not!

IF, you are truly interested in helping to re-balance this world and taking an active part in making that happen with a positive spin.(akin to Nineveh) Then recognize the "Sign of Jonah" and stand behind me with the TRUTH & the LIGHT:

ADD: Poverty and homelessness to the human rights act, as there are poor people of every type and they are all GOD's children.

REMOVE: cannabis from all Criminal Codes and recognize that which is made by GOD and given to us all in Genesis 1:29. Unless these Governments are saying they are greater than GOD, any legislation against Cannabis or Hemp is in violation to the Rights given us by GOD and LAW.

I AM, who I AM, and as Moses said to the pharaoh, so do I say to you; "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"
With your surrender or your destruction...this War, will end!
Theirs is an authority given by man...mine is an authority anointed by GOD.

"Those whom fall upon me shall be broken to pieces,
but those that I fall upon shall be crushed."

It is by your ACTIONS that will determine if your name gets written in the book of life, not by what you say of yourself. Who you follow is who you are. CAIN or ABEL? How do you live?
Hearing and Listening are not the same thing.. Listening implies action.

This month, with the approach of the solstice, let go of all negative energy and walk with LOVE. To understand must first become LOVE and look from LOVE's perspective.

Be 'Not Afraid'

your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

further info:
The Poverty Business
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  1. Very well done, my friend.

    I'll bet they scratched their heads good and hard at this one.

  2. On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
    We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
    Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
    unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
    is an autoreply.

    Thank you again for taking the time to write.

  3. Greetings from the Public Inquiries Team.

    Thank you for your message which has been received at United Nations
    Headquarters in New York. We invite you to visit our website where you
    find information about the work of the Organization. The following
    take you to a webpage with answers to frequently asked questions,
    and other public information material:

    The following webpages, which provide an overview of global issues on
    agenda and an index to topics on the UN website, may also be of use to

    If your query is not answered by the information provided at these
    sites or
    you need additional information, kindly send us a message at:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Best regards,
    Public Inquiries Team
    United Nations
    Department of Public Information

  4. Namaste brother Ancient, After reading your plight in "War on the Poor"
    I thought you should know my friend "Hatrackman" who has been fighting for the homeless right to sleep in Canada.
    Here is a bit of his thoughts and his website. He is a deep deep thinker. A true warrior.

    'Right to Sleep' (A.K.A. liberation of Earth) Links
    Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy-

    Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann’s Academy

    (Victoria, BC, Canada)

    An, ongoing, campaign aimed at determining the 'right to sleep', which suggests that if you pay to sleep you are a slave. The cure for slavery, of course, being an understanding of patience's invulnerable nature. Began mid-January, 2004, leading to March 22nd, 2006.

    These entries can also be viewed at the local Indymedia websites (with option to comment) here

    You Are Welcome to Kill Me, If You Will


    Inspiration is the only thing that moves us.

    Through the entire scatteredness of everything we still have our own calmnesses that will see us through to our deaths.

    The moment I get a tent I will set a time that I will erect it at St. Anne's Academy (probably not more than a day after I have it- to focus myself and to invite others to join- though I've seen that I'll do it alone, regardless). When approached by the police I will let them know that I will consider (truly) anything they have to say, though until they understand that pride is a lie it will be impossible for them to presume innocence of me- so I will be in 'parent talking to a child' mode instead of 'sibling talking to a sibling' mode. I have had dreams where their 'demons' were exorcised though I expect I will be arrested for 'obstruction of justice', for I will not be letting the conversation go past me waiting for them to presume innocence of me. As long as I am in custody I will not eat. This seems to be my role.

    They will arrest me and take the tent. They will figure out my particulars and release me. I will go back to St. Anne's, regardless of tent. It will be impossible for me to find contentment in a world content with a lie- so I do this until I die or until 'predestiny' is recognized by all... we shall see.
    in honour and Heaven,

    David Arthur Johnston

    Ego is a product of motion, not a creator of it. Patience be with you.

    Home page-

    Interactive documentary on the 'Right to Sleep' (in Victoria, BC, Canada)-

    Your Everloving Sista and his humble handmaiden Lilli

  5. Very good work..I support you.

  6. Bless you and thank-you! Its people like you who will make this world a better place for my children and everyone.
    Much love,


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