Monday, June 05, 2006

The POVERTY Business

Understanding the approach to the 'Business of Poverty'.

This has been a very lucrative business for rulers/governments for many thousands of years, back to the beginning of the BIBLE in fact. The objective is to maintain a slave race while pretending to expand freedoms. This shall be cleverly done with the implementation of 'BY-LAWS', which actually violate moral and spiritual foundations.

It would be impossible to implement the type of framework needed to maintain and disguise slavery without them. With the implementation of By-Laws, governments now have the ability to 'legally torture & enslave people' without notice. The highest purpose being of course, to eliminate anyone walking as Christ taught.
sleep deprivation (no sleeping by-law).
constant harassment (no stopping/sitting by-law)
restricted use of music/art for self support (no busking by-law)
It will also be necessary to implement FAKE AID shelters that shall be poorly maintained and underdone on all fronts. Stocked with ineffective equipment intended to frustrate those who may try to rise above their position instead of 'FACTually' helping them. Upon ANY complaints of ANY kind, this will allow the person complaining to be made out to seem ungrateful...or problematic, and shall be quickly turned over to the DEATH SQUADS/Police, where they shall be imprisoned or made to disappear....further advantages of these FAKE AID shelters is the ability to malnourish desired peoples to continue their downward spiral physically and mentally, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the other tortures such as sleep deprivation, non-stop movement, etc.
It shall be of utmost importance to ONLY allow the corrupted/compromising to RUN and STAFF such facilities as ANY real help is actually to be prevented if possible...delayed if not.

It will also be necessary to remove actual healing medicines provided by GOD naturally(i.e. cannabis) and substitute fake medicines that do not actually HEAL, but are heavily addictive and have even worse side-effects. (i.e. Meth programs).
These implimentations shall bring about the desired slavery/work force necassary to ensure that the ones who created and put the governments in place shall keep it there. If the people start to become WISE, then they shall be distracted by conflict between larger nations, wars of different races to divide them again lest they realize what is FACTually happening and stand together under GOD the world over.

This message brought to you by high-speed dialup courtesy of VICTORIA, B.C. homeless shelters and care facilities.

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