Saturday, March 11, 2006

But What If I Were

I know I'm not
But what if I were
The Lord.

Returning to walk the earth
Offering help and guidance
Only to be ignored.

To be snubbed, accused
Looked down on
Never given a chance.

Not because of anything I've said
Not because of anything I've done
But because of my appearance.

Would you snub me
On the streets
When I ask you the time.

Would you look down on me
If I sit at the next table
While you're out to dine.

When I enter your store
To look around
Do you buzz security.

Would you give me a chance
If I can do the job
Though I have no degree.

For all my questions
Of your answers
I'm not sure.

As for being the Lord
I;m aware I'm not...
But what if I were?

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