Saturday, April 22, 2006


LOVE it or LEAVE it eh?

This to me is the joke of jokes as far as Days to Celebrate go.

I'll share this perspective so you can better understand what I mean. What do we HAVE to celebrate aside from stupidity as our actions show. Perhaps a little sharing would go a long way. Perhaps driving up north in our spacious SUV's that have no room for me, isn't the BEST way to go about celebrating. Throwing garbage out the window along the side of the road as we go. Flicking our cigarette butts all over the streets. Continuing to chop down old and ANCIENT trees for the purposes of GREED, not NEED.Locking up good food, thrown out in garbage containers while people are starving in the FIRST world nations, not just THIRD world...and then locking up the people who "FREE the FOOD". Arresting the poor for sleeping on GOD's GREEN EARTH which you have paved over with abandoned filth that you still won't share.
(whatever that's supposed to mean)


  1. Thank you for dropping me a line on my blog. After reading this one, I really feel the same way as you, there are so many things seem so ambivalent especially when we observe it carefully, say, cutting down trees for greed not need. well, I hope you understand what i am trying to say, i am not really good at English, hehehe.
    take care,

  2. very good points. Pictures say a thousand words. So, it really helps to illustrate.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    btw, I like your profile pic!

  3. It doesn't matter if we have the same ideas, even if we're different, the most important is to manage to touch other's souls & find peace all around
    thanx for visiting my journal

  4. Hi, thanks for dropping by...appreciate it a lot..

    Could say...agree with wat me2 has to say...

    See ya around

  5. Happy earth day too.. hmmm... I like your blog...especially the pic of your foot and sandals in the far upper right!... I have one similiar like that too.... Love hiking eh?

  6. thanks for your comments on my blog. I have added my comments with regard to your reply.

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