Friday, April 21, 2006

Easter Weekend Wrapup

Another few thousand words:

GOD said; "Split a rock and you will find me."

Man has been splitting rocks, trees, mountains & even the atom and still hasn't found GOD. I would ask man; "From where, within this SOLID rock does the tree come from?"

ANSWER: from GOD silly.


  1. Love the pictures of the mountains. None of those near me. Got the answer to your riddle too. You ask... nah, better not say, don't wanna spoil it for others.

  2. 71 its many :) ok ok.. now u have 72.. i m from Lithuania ;) good luck ;)have a great weekend ;)

  3. Hilarious, Ancient Clow! Thanks for the posts and thanks for the support of my site! It always means a lot!

    Wish I could help and add you a country, but, alas, you already have the USA.

  4. Nice pics.. took them urself? i like blogs with photos. hurhur

  5. You have lost it man. I think you hit your head one too many times. Frying pans are hard.

  6. Hello Ancient Clown nice pics


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