Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sleepless in Victoria

As you sit there and do nothing
Another freedom is REMOVED
"As you do to the least of my people,
so you do to me.
But as you do to me,
you do to the one who sent me."
David was just sentenced this morning to 120 days PLUS 90 days.
He is 48 hrs into a hunger strike that began after being arrested.
They have CRIMINALIZED sleep..Is that okay with you?
Time to get involved
before THEY come for YOU
Watch the movies here
Learn more about SLEEPLESSNESS in CANADA
Learn more 'About the POOR'
Learn more about 'The Poverty Business'
Learn more about the 'WAR on the POOR'

For more info please contact/visit: -

Further update:(aug.4th/06) What's NEWS


  1. hi bro.. nice meeting ya :D

  2. Hey Ancient Clown
    why is David being punished?
    btw..i have put link to your site in my blog..I hope you do not mind to put mine on your blog :)..
    take care

  3. ien:ditto
    Hi Mike:He dared to sleep under a tree on GOD's GREEN EARTH...'trespassing' they call it. Then he refused to "leave town" as they threatened him, choosing instead to get arrested and bring attention to the TRUTH behind the Canadian government and their fascist methods. The media WILL NOT 'Report the TRUTH', rather they choose to 'Make the NEWS'. It is up to us to STAND against it and the best way to achieve that is to INFORM and raise AWARENESS...they have been able to get away with it because NOBODY does anything about this corruption and dishonesty.
    jonyol: thank you, please share this to help raise awareness lest they continue to KILL the TRUTH & Christ.
    EVERYONE:Do not fall into their trap of APATHETIC response. Simply STAND against it.

  4. Dear Ancient Clown
    Thanks for again coming to my site.
    I guess you made a mistake while adding my site's link on your site. Just now i checked it, you are showing my blog's name on your blog, but the link you have added is different, not mine. If someone click on my blog's name on your site, it'll take them to other blog not my blog. :)

    Best Regards

  5. Hi, AC,
    I've read your blog and I get a better sense of who you are and where you are coming from than I did when I replied to your comment in my blog, which I now think was a little bit too smarty pants. Anyway, I went on the road when I was 17 and was a street person for a while before I got it together...kinda...

    Rock on, my brother.

  6. hi bro.. if u dun mind.. come and enter tp my chat room at my blog ->

  7. Great Post, I know where David is coming from. When I first got out of the service I found myself on the streets and it seemed where ever I set down or layed down I would be told I would have to leave. It is a shame that God gave us this beautiful place to live, but not everyone seems to have a right to it. Just because they are not rich or have a home is no reason to degrade them or deprive them of God's wonder.

    By the way I found your site from a friend of mine (Salim).

  8. Yes, Oh Master

    Yes, Master
    Yes, yes, oh yes

    Oh, Master


    Too much Maui Wowie, Ol' Chap.

    Zel from Cucamonga

  9. Thank you everyone for visiting, please continue to share this post with others to help increase awareness.
    Zel from Cucamonga:Perhaps you should cut down a little then, you seem a little spaced, otherwise you might have left something intelligent to way or the other...but thanks for stopping by and having a seed planted(though it may be rocky ground, perhaps a miricle may yet happen and it slips between your hardened ears to take root in an idea).
    Either way you will no longer be able to say you didn't know...only that you didn't LISTEN.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown


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