Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Reading

What the Rune Stones say about me;
(If you're into that kinda thing)

What is my unified self?
Joy - Restoration

What is my nature?

Messenger - Mouth
Connection with Divine

Why was I born?
Experience awakening of self-transformation
Conjuntio - that which conducts

What is my vocation?
Partnership - a gift from GOD to loyal follower
Gift of Freedom

What is my destiny?
Wholeness - The sun

Movement - Horse - course of the sun

Partnership - Gift from GOD to loyal follower

What is my cross?
Initiation - Something Hidden, a secret matter.

Nothing about finding my life path has been easy...but it has been simple.

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  1. Please understand...
    This is only sharing what has already been seen.


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