Friday, April 28, 2006

Ancient Law---Expanded

Ancient Natural Law of Life---(expanded)
a = b = c = d = e = f = G = h = i
a => you
b => needs
c => creation
d => deity's desire (God's Will)
e => evolution
f => freedom
G => God
h => heaven

By attributing those values to the letters, and where 'a' is constant, the progression follows:
a + b = c
a + c = d
a + d = e
a + e = f
a + f = G
a + G = h
Therefore, there is a world of experience between 'a' and 'i'.
UNDERSTAND THIS: As you do to the least of my also do to me...BUT as you try to do to do to the 'One True God' that sent me and might well be done back unto you instead...

If you need to seek me out, search me with your heart and you will find me.


  1. A.C.
    The framework you have laid down resonates quite deeply with me, but I have this nagging doubt about the word "creation". At one level, living is creating, but I find most kinds of creativity that we humans are involved in are violent and divisive rather than unifying (and here I am stepping away from the sense in which you use the word in your Law). Sometimes this feeling is so strong that I'd much rather not expend any effort and vegetate instead.

  2. Ventilator:
    Go to Art of Wire Tree-making and give it a twist...get wired and become "ventnow no mo blues".
    (It makes me laugh.)
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown


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