Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ONE: We Did It...or did we?

Dear Ancient:
You did it! Working as ONE, call by call, you let our leaders know that you wanted America to do more to fight AIDS and extreme poverty-- and they heard you.
Late last week, the Senate agreed to two amendments that will add hundreds of millions of dollars to the fight against AIDS, TB and malaria and save the lives of mothers and children around the world.

I received the above letter today in my email. It would seem they would have us believe that something important has happened. However, as I stated in my correspondence and comments (which they'll NEVER post), throwing money at poverty is NOT the answer.

IF, everyone is TRULY concerned about making a difference, and not just finding another way to rip people off. Perhaps you should address the problem at the source and do as I've been mentioning for the last few YEARS.
How much would it cost to do the following?

ADD: Poverty & Homelessness to the International Human Right Act recognizing Christ's basic instructions to us and the LAWS OF LIFE.
REMOVE: Any and ALL legislation concerning Cannabis/Hemp recognizing that which was made by GOD and given to ALL in Genesis 1:29.

But I can more than understand why you WOULDN'T want this done. That might actually offer a little protection to the daily abused. That might actually provide REAL hope for the uninspired and disenfranchised. That might actually lead to the solution of the problem.
Poverty wasn't made by was made by YOU, so you can END it just as quickly...If you REALLY want to.

The REAL problems with society is that it clearly fails to recognize GOD and continues in 'Original Sin'---('Not Listening').


  1. I don't understand the connection between removing laws regarding the regulation of hemp/cannibis as it relates to defeating the devastating effects of poverty such as lack of education, disease, social abuses etc. Please explain, O Ancient Won.

  2. First and foremost remove "Misinformation". Practically EVERYTHING you have been told about both have been lies...Find the TRUTH.
    GOD made it AND gave it to you for MANY reasons and it wasn't to just 'get stoned'.

    Books/Movie research for Bunny:
    1.The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Kerer

    2.Grass(1999) Dir: Ron Mann/ Woody Harrelson (narrator)/ 80min/ Documentary

    To find the right answers you must first find the right questions. But if you STILL have any questions when you get done,
    please feel free to contact me again.

    Your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

    Just think how cool it would be to have "money" grow in bushes. That you could eat(bye bye starvation), use as fuel(bye bye oil wars), medicine(bye bye illness & disease), building materials & clothing(bye bye homelessness).

    And if I'm not mistaken "Alcohol" is the big factor in domestic violence.
    Cigarettes Kill the size of a city yearly.
    These are not only made legal by your governments, they are also a HUGE moneymaker.
    (Aaah if ONLY I could find an honest cop, lawyer and'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath).


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