Monday, May 01, 2006

Hate Crimes using Hate LAWS

It's against the LAW of MAN to use the gifts GOD gave you to care for yourself. You must be a slave or you're 'not allowed' to live. It's against the LAW to steal, unless you are the police or government...
"To SERVE ourselves & PROTECT the Rich".
We have laws against armed robbery, what about Laws against heartless snobbery?
I asked to use the bathroom at a SUBWAY restaurant and was refused unless I bought something...I pulled out my SUBWAY card and showed them my stamps and told him I WAS a customer, numerous times, and I didn't use the bathroom many of those times so they OWE me one. If they EVER want me to be a customer again they'd better turn their noses around and show some HUMAN COMPASSION.
I was allowed to go pee pee.

I devised a system so that everyone could afford me as my time is priceless and no one really can. It doesn't matter if your hands are full or even if you are in a hurry, you can still pay me.
So, what does it mean when the poor people and the children give me everything I need...but the rich people STILL can't afford me , not even the 'time of day' or 'eye contact', as they pass?

Do you SEE now why my heart bleeds for them all?

and how they are STILL trying to kill all of us.


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