Monday, April 10, 2006


It would appear, from the feedback I'm getting that I'm being blocked/CENSORED by the police in various countries on GOD's GREEN EARTH...perhaps to prevent the children from coming...well boys, this is to you.Truth has a resonance, a tone.
Our ancestors heard what didn't ring true.
We've left that path of truth behind
Don't believe me...look at you.

The prophecy for 'End Of Days'
Is half of half that's true.
To recognize the 'Sign of Jonah'
Is to choose the one for you.

The words shall go out to all alike
Each for themselves to choose.
The 'Son of Man' shall walk the land
A calling to Gentiles and Jews.

A covenant made with God and Son
To fulfill his destiny
To hold a crown until time has come
To anoint His head and unite His prophecy.

Armor from God, keys from the Son
Gifts to win all war.
The armor should be worn all times
As God knows what's in store.

The keys are for Death and the Gates of hell
Should ever the NEED arise
For THEN those who did not listen
Shall be in for a hell of a surprise.

For an army of dead await him there
That shall be his to command
His officers are as they always were,
Dead or alive, in Christ's name they STAND.

Balance and Justice then restored
The other, as they did not choose the one
For they were told, 'one way' or 'the other'
GOD's Will...Shall be done.

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  1. I pray the lord will shorten the time least the very elect are infected.


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