Friday, March 24, 2006

No FREE SPEECH for Clowns on Magistrates Blog


Judicial joke of the day: (based on today's true story)

So I'm passing by this 'bystander' and happen to check him out. Seems he thinks he's a funny guy and being 'A. Clown', I had to see for myself. I don't want to misquote the man so I'll let him tell you about himself.
The Magistrate's Blog
Musings and Snippets from an English Magistrate This blog is anonymous, and Bystander's views are his and his alone. Where his views differ from the letter of the law, he will enforce the letter of the law because that is what he has sworn to do. If you think that you can identify a particular case from one of the posts you are wrong. Enough facts are changed to preserve the truth of the tale but to disguise its exact source. Contents are copyright.

So he's got this joke, #77 he says; which I will NOT post on this site as it is unsuitable in nature, as he himself forewarns. In truth, none of this I found amusing until his reaction, to my post inviting him to view and answer my riddle. That's when I started ROFLPMPO !!!

He'd CENSORED me...there was no profanity in my comments as there was in his post. It wasn't hatefull in nature, nor crude...but JUDGE for yourself.
Here's how I started it:

"Like jokes Judge?
How about riddles?
I have a riddle I devised that is so simple a child has gotten the answer and yet so difficult only a child has gotten the answer
...", I also invited him to, while he was there, examine the letter of the LAW which is 'a=b' and left him (and everyone reading) a link to both.

Later, I was showing someone how the GOLD MEDAL Games were coming along and decided to look back in on the judge to see my post reduced to this;

Like jokes Judge?
How about
I have a riddle I devised that is
...(the rest of this post has been edited and the links removed as it had nothing to do with the topic)


And it made me wonder why, (as the chuckling inside started)...then I noticed where he began to edit it and things started to fall into place, but still I thought I should get his side of it, so I left another post hoping he could help clear up how a Magistrate who will "enforce the letter of the law because that is what he has sworn to do"(his words, not mine)...would deny someone FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION, when there was no profanity of the like in the post itself.

Hey Judge:
Afraid of Clowns?
Does that mean you don't like
riddles, couldn't answer it without cheating or are that afraid of the TRUTH that you would censor what you don't understand. "FREEDOM OF SPEECH DUDE".
Perhaps a riddle so simple a child has gotten the answer and so difficult ONLY a child has gotten the answer has left the judge with no answers or understanding as to how it had EVERYTHING to do with your "OH SO FUNNY" post.
Perhaps that's why Christ advised to go forth as a child and not judge.
Don't worry I'll copy and post this for others to see elsewhere.

After that I was voicing this to someone where it was discovered that I was not only censored in the first post but also the second;

Hey Judge:
Afraid of Clowns?
Does that mean you don't like rest of this post has been edited as well, as it has nothing to do with the topic)

Then I got BANNED !!! ...and all "EVIDENCE" of my even being there was removed entirely...and I've only been online for a little over a month.

So even though I was left ROFLMAOPMP....I AM, no closer to them than before in getting an honest response...and so my dear friends the joke goes on.
My words are for all, Fools and wise alike. It shall not be for me to determine which is which, but to give my words equally and let their actions determine for themselves which they are.
To be honest, though I often play the fool, I do not suffer them well.
Now, is it just me, or is that not funny?


  1. Seems he took the que from you AC. Seems you did the same to me when you removed my comment about your poem and the poem. Going to remove this as well? Seems to me you are getting exactly what you throw out there back in your face........ Pearls for the swinw and all that
    As I see that you are now moderating your blog comments I know this won't make speech and all that. I believe in you but what are you doing now but beimg ordinary just like everyone else and afraid of the TRUTH. Your acting no different than the Judge.......... you have become judge and jury and I did not think that was your place. Love always your friend s

  2. Hello 'S':

    You're not the first to post about "Comment Moderation",Bunnyjo left a similar comment and concern on my BOOKS post.
    I remember the poem you mentioned and I'm sorry you took it's removal so personally, but the comments had been Anonymous & positive and I'd made a number of changes that day and had wanted to re-position it with others as I didn't figure it would be missed as a first post(which I've still to put up & then you'll be more than free to re-post your comments).

    It was done to prevent obsenities & multiple posting of same posts.(which I'd witnessed on other blogs)

    However 'S', now that you have brought my attention to it and YOU. I would advise you to read the post "ANCIENT MEANINGS" as I remember you to be a person who does not say what they mean nor mean what they say:
    "A friend is as a friend does."

    I also remember you as being the same person who has lied both to me and about me.
    I remember you as being the same person I had forbiddon from telling people you were my student.

    Are you not also the person who was WITNESS when I said BEFOREHAND that I was going to; "change the FACE of the EARTH forever that they may LEARN"...and the next day you turned on the NEWS to hear; "And today the face of the world has been changed forever." ???????

    If you are, then perhaps The TRUTH is that I AM, not the one afraid of the TRUTH.
    I AM, the TRUTH.

    As I don't mind intelligent conversation, if I'VE LIED in what I've just said, you are more than welcome to repost saying so.
    However, as I DO NOT want this blog turned into someone's SOAP OPERA searching for drama(start your OWN blog)...I recommend that if I speak the TRUTH you learn to LISTEN.

    Breathe DEEP...Breathe SLOW.
    CLOSE your mouth...OPEN your eyes, ears, & mind.
    We will take your 'SILENCE' to mean you are walking in the way and not talking your way out of it.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

    Ps. Being sorry means it doesn't happen again. If it happens again how are we to believe you were sorry.

  3. Being censored is offensive; being censored by someone supposedly upholding the law connotes hypocrisy. Makes me cringe knowing I'm paying that guy's salary with my tax dollars.


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