Sunday, March 30, 2014

WHY ask WHY?

WHY ask WHY?

I was hoping the light of the next day might bring about an apology and recognition of wrongdoing, but it seems not.

Recorded Events for Friday, March 28th. at Salt Spring Community Center - Supper time saw a Care Provider, (Naomi) kick out a guy for unknown reasons and the simple question of "WHY" also got me threats from RCMP and then ejected for the evening and denied services by the Salt Spring Community Services.

As we stood together Friday evening, huddled in the rain, locked outside from the dry warmth inside, because the clocks in their hearts did not yet say 6 pm. Naomi (care provider) came out and singled out a person, asking if she could speak to him in private and they walked up the hill together. Returning a few minutes later, with the gentleman still seeming to have questions Naomi didn't feel like discussing anymore and was passing them off to someone else they could talk to about resolving the situation on Monday...days from now, but for now and until then, had to leave and was denied ALL services without reason or just cause.

The gentleman then asked if they may at least use the phone and was ALSO denied and told there wasn't one available, which is a LIE, as the building is full of offices and phones, as i pointed out to the "care provider" as they left.

A short time later, as the gentleman, now explaining his side of things to those of us remaining outside, the care provider returned and said this person WAS now allowed to use the phone, but immediately changed that to; "I'm calling the Police" as she heard him explaining his confusion and lack of answers to his problem.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE; He never actually refused to leave, and was only seeking clarification as to what the problem was and asking for phone services to contact the person he was "supposed to talk to" to get those answers.

The care provider (Naomi) is actually the person committing a LEGAL CRIME by filing a false police report.  As are the police for "Conspiracy after the Fact"; when they arrive and have it pointed out to them that the person calling was actually lying, but proceeded with bullying the victim anyway.

Pointing these things out to the officers and asking again as to the ACTIONS this person had committed that warranted his treatment, only brought about threats of arrest on me for "Obstruction of Justice", (standard charge threatened when cops are self-righteously abusing their authority and someone stands against it, which is funny onto itself).

The police continued to threaten my arrest for obstruction, as they bullied and finally chased off the first man, then speaking in great length with Care Provider Naomi before leaving.
Later, after supper, i was pulled aside by Naomi and kicked out, with her FURTHER lying and saying she now felt threatened by me, adding Slander and Defamation of Character to her list of crimes.

It is interesting to note that although i had only ever asked "WHY" this person was being punished and ejected, so perhaps WE can avoid making the same mistakes, BOTH the police and care providers view this as HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR, that gets you labeled as being a TROUBLEMAKER. 
I've already been denied laundry services earlier by Naomi, because i complained the internet hadn't been working for 4 months and ALL previous attempts to have it fixed have been ignored. (Of course, just because i was denied services the day after i filled out a complaint form, doesn't mean it's connected, that's what they call coincidence)...just like being kicked out for asking "WHY?" gets turned into; "I felt threatened, even though he never actually said or did anything, except ask WHY?"

Don't get me wrong, i'm very aware there are no honest cops, lawyers and judges to report these crimes to, here on Salt Spring or anywhere else in Canada and the "so-called Free World" and standing against them have only brought attempts on my life.

Did i learn my lesson yet or will they learn theirs?
i THINK, the answer to BOTH is NO.

Shelter Update:(3/31/14)

After speaking to Jordan, the problem is even more systemic that at first thought. He actually looked me in the eye and told me he honestly believed Naomi felt afraid of me and honestly feared for herself and for the safety of the other MEN in the shelter...not only that, he said he felt he probably would have done the same thing in her place, because he didn't feel i had the right to even ASK WHY someone was being kicked out either. "None of my business" is a good enough answer, to an honest question. Yet at the same time he pretends to understand that when the rights of even one of us are violated or denied, so are the rights of us all.

For simply asking WHY, i was attacked and pointed at for "attempting to spoil it for everyone", "Causing problems" and "risk myself getting kicked out" to threats of false arrest for Obstruction of Justice by RCMP officers and ACTUALLY "getting myself" kicked out with further attacks and lies against my character by accusations of violence and unlawfulness by a "STAFF MEMBER" of the shelter, against the crazy homeless guy who's a Lunatic Jesus Freak...and not the TRUE GLORY OF THE OLIVE that might make EVERY ONE OF THOSE "Human Rights VIOLATIONS"...MY BUSINESS.

False charities, churches and religions that steal from GOD's Children and deny them services and rights they PRETEND IN HIS NAME...might well fall within the areas of MY BUSINESS...if i truly were born the "Sign of Jonah" and truly was the "GLORY OF THE OLIVE".
Again i say to everyone; "Just because i say it, doesn't mean it's true and just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean it's not still true."

I'm sure you are right though and GOD had no idea about the child molesting going on in the church or that Ratzsinger was going to quit in a few years and that's why GOD didn't just skip ahead to Francis.
I'm equally sure you are also right that GOD was also blind to the overall corruption and worship of money and power the Vatican had developed and so never reached outside the church to find the least, who was a Lion of Judah, born the Sign of Jonah, from the EAST even as the lightening flashes through the sky to the WEST, came into the world born the 'Son of Man' coincidence of course.

But i digress, as this isn't really about me, since all i did was ask "WHY" and truly more about things that happened BECAUSE ANYONE DARED ask why.

I don't even pretend to think for a moment, that the vast majority of you are not already calling me names and accusing me of being ungrateful and hypocritical, of trying to cause problems, while taking advantage of the system...that is, if you've even read this far.
I probably lost a good chunk about a paragraph or so ago. The rest are only reading through looking to find all the tasty bits they can use to tear me a new one and show how crazy and insane i am, instead of seeing what's truly being revealed.

Typical behavior for those trained to kill the messenger, so they don't have to listen to the message. "Don't be a Martyr", "No one likes a Martyr".
Telltale phrases those are, when considering the TRUTH in all things.

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