Friday, May 04, 2007

Officially Driven To 'DEATH CAMPS'

The plight of the poor & homeless is not one that can be remedied by any amount of financing, as it was created by the financiers.
Removal of self-preservation is prominent in the "No-Camping", "No Sleeping" mindset when coupled with the "Oops, No-Housing", so go to jail or die aspect that's thrown in...for a
small fee to you, the taxpayers of course, for corpse removal (before, during, or after jail)...Leaving of course, no other option than constant movement, or non-stop marching to your DEATH!!!
Strangely enough the Jewish Community hasn't joined the outcry against this behavior . One can only guess that is because it is the Christian Community doing it, so they refuse to believe in it. In a careful comparison study it is interesting to note that the mafia used to demand protection money from people or you couldn't do business on their streets, and they had men with guns to enforce it if you didn't pay them to leave you alone.
Here, in Victoria, as in most cities in Canada, the better part of the FREE WORLD, "God's Country", as they call it...unless you pay the city for what they call a permit, though we already have permission from GOD, they send men with guns, they call police, to steal your stuff, kidnap you, or much worse...unless you pay them to leave you alone.

At first I couldn't figure out how they could get away with it, being so obvious and all...until I saw how "OFFICIAL" it was. By attaching the word "OFFICIAL" to things, they take the crimes and magically transpose them into "Bylaws", and now officially, they aren't doing anything wrong.

Enforced by the Official Policing Force. Trials by official judges that give official sentence's. Officially transported to an official confinement centre, or morgue if they didn't make it that far. All very efficiently and officially executed as 'not-reported' by the official media.
Police have been officially working with a "Salvation Army", and other drop-ins the poor might call "Our Place" in a "United Way" that officially can be called driving the homeless to their DEATH beds, but technically they are being FORCED to walk there...yet, still no 'Empathy'...I mean "WORD" from the Jewish community, or any community, except the ONE trying to increase funding.

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