Monday, February 12, 2007

For YOUR sake

Wouldn't it be nice to see the TRUTH in print every now and again. I'm sure the ONLY reason people make these kind of By-LAWS, is because they care...right? It's all for YOUR sake. After all, they are SO concerned about your health they made cannabis illegal and cigarettes legal. Though one kills the size of a small city every year, while the other has yet to record a single death because of an overdose. One is free to everyone because you can simply grow it as GOD intended, one must be bought after being manufactured. Neither one has an ingredients list, even though only ONE is natural. Ever ask yourself WHY cigarettes are the ONLY product on the shelves WITHOUT an ingredients list? Ever ask yourself how much of a profit the government makes while it legally & unlawfully MURDERS it's own citizens with poisoned tobacco?
I have, but nobody seems to want the answers.

Can you start to SEE the bigger picture?
This is ONLY the tip of the iceberg.
How can anyone say it's their choice when we don't know what's in it?
When it's even MORE deadly and addictive second-hand, as long as they are made and smoked...who REALLY has a choice?
As long as the government profits so GREATLY from the murder of it's own citizens...why would they stop it?
Just keep dancing around the issue until there's no one left to complain.
Hasn't that already been PROVEN to be S.O.P. ???


  1. just thought i'd come by and say thank you for visiting my site. since i am here to listen rather than presenting an counter
    arguement if there is one then i'll ask for the answers as requested by you.

  2. That's a big thing here in the US, too--the whole smoking issue is a huge moneymaker for lots of people--for the people who make cigarettes, of course, but also for those who manufacture supplies to attempt to "fight" the addiction. I wonder if there is some kind of a tie between the two.

    And yes, I'd love to know what's in a cigarette.


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