Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Media Make-over

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(Do as you're told)

Here's an article that appeared in yesterday's paper. Just a small piece of news on page 3. It was once said; "A secret in communication is in hearing what's not being said."
Can you spot what's REALLY being said here?

RMCP want fewer crime stories in B.C.
Vancouver (
"The RCMP in B.C. want to reduce the number of crime stories reported by the media in an effort to ease public fears. An internal RCMP report obtained by The Vancouver Sun says the public has an irrational fear of crime because of the large number of crime stories.
According to the report, many of those stories are the result of RCMP news releases or comments from media relations officers.
As a result, the force is now reviewing its policy on how often information is released and how quickly officers respond to calls from reporters."

Funny it should bring about THAT result instead of 'better officer training' or exploring the contributing factors to these crimes that they may be reduced and eliminated...such as the governments 'War on the Poor', tortures disguised as BY-LAWS, immoral and dishonest means of conduct by officials.
Their answer to crime...don't tell anyone.
Their answer to corruption...don't tell anyone.
Their answer to police misconduct...don't tell anyone.
WOW...that should make everyone sleep easier eh?
I guess it's no wonder the media have become such LIARS,
They're not allowed to 'Report the TRUTH'...only 'Make the NEWS'.
Or did you miss THAT being communicated?
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  1. I can vouch this completely only beause I live in a one horse Rcmp town in BC.
    Just dropping you line AC to say hey and that all is well.
    My daughter Sebine Cecile was born July 24th in Halifax and the mother is moving out to Van in October so I can be able to be in contact with her.
    Ciao for now my friend.


  2. I am surprised for what you said in my blog.

    Greetings from SP.

  3. I am not surprised that the answer to calming the public's fear is to just cover up the facts. That is so much easier and cost effective! Follow the dollar and you will find the truth.


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