Friday, August 25, 2006

CBC holds Forum

Making the NEWS instead.
(I think it's their new moto)

CBC makes Homelessness issues the front-burner for a (I'd say "OPEN", but I'd be lying)Forum, held in a small room within the Victoria library. Small enough to 'restrict access' to ONLY those wanted to help make the broadcast...All the UNDESIRABLE's were NOT allowed in...Even as people left, I was refused entry.
For them,
Rev. Al must be their voice, (as he was there, allowed in and allowed to speak) you must tune in to hear for yourself if he raised the issue of police officers walking into his CARE Facility and uttering death threats to the patrons. You'll be able to hear him raise the issue of abusive, lying staff at these facilities,(such as his son). YES, I'm sure that, since this forum is happening, it's to get answers. You can bet he'll be raising the issue of blanket justice inflicted upon the poor. Why wouldn't he? If one of you speed and crash the car, are you ALL no longer allowed to drive? WHEN you find a dishonest cop, are they ALL fired? WHEN you find a dishonest politician, is the whole council tossed? I'm sure it's not JUST about funding, trying to get more money for the SLAVE* trade.

*Please note: some may feel I've used the term SLAVE too harshly, but I'd like to remind all at this point that slavery is not determined by the rate of pay, nor the type of job, but rather the removal of choice. So unless you can PROVE that ALL "These People" are homeless and poor by choice ---(a small few of us are, but not ALL), I'll keep using the wording as is.

THE UNWRITTEN (but always used) LAW Of The HOMELESS
If one person gets caught using the phone for drugs...the phone is REMOVED.
If one person gets caught shooting drugs in the bathroom...the doors are LOCKED.
If one person gets caught for ANYTHING...EVERYONE is punished.
STAFF may speak however they wish to, or falsely about any of the 'inmates' of these CARE facilities without ANY repercussions, but if the 'inmate' attempts to defend himself in ANY way he is termed, 'ABUSIVE to STAFF' and BARRED.

On a daily basis, "THESE PEOPLE", as termed by such heartfelt-speakers, are punished for crimes they've NEVER committed. Yesterday morning 4 police officers, that included 2 SGT's, took a women from the shelter with the "STORY" that she had to go with them to provide a blood sample, despite the FACT there was a doctor present at the time, because another officer had pricked her finger on a needle and was at the hospital. DESPITE the dire urgencey of the moment they suggested, they spent well over 20-30 mins. waiting for her to get her things together, depsite the fact all they said they needed was a blood sample and then she could go. And today the police are saying they need to free up officers. WOW.

ONLY GOD's Justice shall BALANCE this.
As "those people" continue to refuse to listen
it SHALL come upon them suddenly and unexpectedly.
But they won't be able to say they didn't know.
ONLY that they didn't 'Listen'.
Strange, that even after the past 2000 yrs
let alone the thousands before,
THAT should STILL be their excuse.


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