Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Barred AGAIN

I was barred again from "OUR PLACE" yesterday. The reason, (as I have it in writing this time), was for the following; (this is exactly what's written)

- An incident occured in Our Place doorway and staff ask all others the please come inside to keep area clear.
- Ancient refused to move either in or away from doorway and ultimately was asked to leave the center for the day.
Bob F.

This "INCIDENT" they describe, but don't tell you anything about, was of a VERY small homeless man being violently chased by 2 much larger security officers who ran fully into, (not just the doorway of), the SHELTER called 'OURPLACE' seeking safety from FEAR of what they were going to do to him. These 2 security men were then joined by yet 2 more. The STAFF of 'Our Place' to whom he ran seeking safety...sent him back outside with the growing number of guards, which is when I went out, because I saw a guard make yet another attempt to put his hands on this man. I was clearly outside of the facility, simply on the sidewalk, doing nothing more than witnessing. They said the POLICE had been called and ORDERED me inside. (Remember folks I'm outside on the sidewalk, witnessing this...I didn't realize how much of a prison it was until then and HOW MUCH they think they own and control me).

I refused to leave this man alone with NOW 4 much larger security guards who have already displayed unrighteous and illegal behavior. I was told point blank I will be barred if I do not go inside 'NOW". (They have no authority over me..I'm not an inmate of this CARE FACILITY. Other than for the purpose of removing potential honest witnesses there was no NEED to tell me to do anything.)
AGAIN I refused, saying I will not leave this man alone, and told them they had no right to even ask and are immoral for doing so. I was then told I was barred.
I told them I wanted it in writing and I would wait for it. Then Jordan (Rev. Al's son) said they were phoning the POLICE, on me now, and he refused to put it in writing.
Bob did though...though he had to check a few times to come up with a good story to keep it straight.
Then the police showed up...and left again...without getting out of the car as they saw us, I had moved to stand beside my brother at this point.

Apparently, this "INCIDENT" they mentioned, without mentioning further, was severe enough to have 4 security officers all hot and bothered and gathered together phoning the police, get me barred, have the cops called again on me, have the police arrive...only so they could drive away without getting out of the car.
I'm sure it had nothing to do with me being a witness FOR the accused.
No report...NO CRIME.
Apparently...after all was said and done.
NOTHING happened yesterday.
NOTHING to SEE here.
Don't let it bother you.
Move along please.

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