Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Still Another 1000 Words Falling on Deaf Ears

Maybe you need to start reading between the lines.

Today I spoke to a bike cop who had three stripes on his sleeve. I'm guessing that's supposed to mean something, so I take him inside the homeless shelter and show him the video on one of the almost working computers we get to use and tell him I was a witness and to go arrest them. He says; "No!"
A little later I run into 'Mr. stripes' again with his partner jacking a few kids for their pot and trying to force one "too young" female to consent to a pat down search (feel up is more like it). I SEE now...he was too busy robbing and molesting the children to help me...thanks officer, for helping me SEE the TRUTH behind why you are here and what you really do.
That YOU people not only allow this behavior, but instead of standing behind your children...knowing this, you will STILL call the police on them for doing nothing, to be molested and abused...and that is more than a little sickening to me...BUT, what sickens me even more than that, is that this is not even close to being an isolated case, but rather the norm...and YOU don't care...cause what have you done about it.

UPDATE: Thursday, May25th (noon)
Today just around noon SGT.17 (badge#) came up to me, inside of "OUR PLACE" and, in front of witnesses, 'THREATENED' me to "Mind my own business, or else." I would like to take this opportunity to remind SGT.17 that I AM, under orders by the courts to "KEEP THE PEACE" which I shall interpret as I WILL. Fascinating how people think that just because they say;"I don't believe in GOD", that will somehow render GOD powerless, when truly, saying that really only renders themselves powerless.

UPDATE: THURSDAY, May25th (evening)
This evening, after already being threatened by one officer...two more came up to me while I was sitting and making a tree. They told me it was against the law to squat down(HOLY form of SITTING) on the sidewalk anywhere. This is my 'official warning'. I must restrict my sitting to benches only. However, most chairs/benches on the sidewalks are for "customer use only", thereby making me unable to afford to sit down...or use the bathroom...or sleep. I guess this is part of the "OR ELSE":
Nonstop harassment, and badgering, and torture until...something happens.

UPDATE: THURSDAY, July 6th(afternoon)
Another peaceful man of GOD attempting to fight for the rights of the poor was AGAIN arrested and today sentenced to 7 months...for sleeping under a tree and refusing to leave town.
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GOD doesn't let this happen...YOU do...with your APATHY...because you know and do nothing.


  1. Awesome blog Ancient Clown! Keep the camera rolling. :) What kind of batteries do you need?!?

    loving and hearing,

  2. Hi there... :) How r u?? :)


  3. Things are getting worse every day. The world needs sensitive souls and voices, like yours.
    Keep on, be strong!

  4. mmphosis:thanks...double A's but strong ones,(I hate need rechargables to save enviroment.)

    Zilko: I'm great my friend, thanks for visiting again. Please pass on the tree-teaching technique when you get the chance.

    lucyluce:Thank you for your kind words...I SHALL.


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