Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Unless you are POOR or worse...NATIVE

Yeah...hate crimes are against the law unless you're lucky enough to be making the hateful laws that are a crime unto themselves. BOTH of these officers should be charged with assault and conduct unbecoming a peace officer...but after 2 more cops arrived and I started to say something I was told to shut up and leave...I did not.
What do you think my chances are of finding anyone honest enough to DO anything about the racist, classist, snobbery that exists here in VICTORIA. B.C...and EVERYWHERE I've been traveling.
(WARNING: Don't vacation here unless you make over $75,000.oo and are WHITE.)

Aboriginal people often experience some of the following problems with respect to the criminal justice system: Aboriginal people make up roughly 18 per cent of the prison population in Canada, even although they are only 2.5 per cent of the overall population.

-Aboriginal accused are more likely to be denied bail;
more time is spent in pre-trial detention by Aboriginal people;
-Aboriginal accused are more likely to be charged with multiple offences, and often for crimes against the system;
-Aboriginal people are more likely not to have legal representation at court proceedings;
-Aboriginal clients, especially in northern communities where the court party flies in the day of the hearing, spend less time with their lawyers; as court schedules in remote areas are poorly planned, judges may have limited time to spend in the community;
-Aboriginal offenders are more than twice as likely to be incarcerated than non-Aboriginal offenders;
-Aboriginal Elders, who are also spiritual leaders, are not given the same status as prison priests and chaplains, in all institutions, and
-Aboriginal people often plead guilty because they are intimidated by the court and simply want to get the proceedings over with

Aboriginal Values:
Get along with group (conformity)
Get ahead for the group
Focuses on the present
Does not show fear when faced with difficult situations
Uses nature and maintains reverence for it (has respect for and a relationship with the land)
Awareness of the Creator
Acts of religion are spontaneous and can occur at any time

Non-Aboriginal Values:
Get ahead, or on top of the group
Get ahead for oneself
Focuses on the future
Does not always face difficult situations with an impassive face
Uses nature for personal
Spirituality is often in the background of one's life
Religion is compartmentalized (eg. Religious acts are restricted to certain days of the week)

Canada's incarceration rate is higher than most other Western democracies. We imprison 129 out of every 100,000 of our citizens. While this is less than some countries such as the United States (645), it's above countries such as France (110), England (104), Germany (95), Austria (86) and Norway (84). But adult Aboriginal people are incarcerated more than eight times the national rate. In Saskatchewan, the adult Aboriginal incarceration rate is over 1,600 per 100,000, compared to 48 per 100,000 for adult non-Aboriginals

I'm not sure how the genocide of Native Americans is any different than the genocide of JEWS, that so many sit by and let it happen, especially when Natives were so integral in codetalking during the WAR to save the lives of, WELL ALMOST EVERYONE...ALL THINGS CONSIDERING. Oh well, guess we don't need them anymore...so it's okay.


  1. i didn't understand what was going on in the video?

  2. Sorry...I was rushed to get it up and didn't have a chance to fully explain. "Gentleman A" sitting in handcuffs is just being questioned, "name, what ya doin here", that kinda thing...but in handcuffs to do it...He's not under arrest, just being harrassed.
    "Gentleman B" on the ground had already complied, surrendered, been handcuffed on his knees in front of the wall and was having his face ground into the wall by first officer while pretending to retrieve ID from his pocket.
    He's been told he's under arrest for suspected assault though he looks like he's BEEN assaulted.
    Still hasn't been read his rights...just gets assaulted BY the police.("Innocent until PROVEN guilty"..is what it says; 'if you're rich and white', is hidden in the fine print I guess)
    I'm the witness. So when the man says 'Jesus'(what they call me) is his witness...he's not crazy or being philosophical...he's talking about me.

  3. hello,
    thank you for the visit
    now, you have the flag ;-)

  4. Amazing. It's incredible what they get away with, and no matter how often more high profile cases appear in the news, nothing changes--you would hope that at least would raise awareness.

  5. Well it is like that everywhere. The rich who can afford a good lawyer is (almost)always "innocent" The poor who cannot afford it are been found guilty. I was as long as people have "justice". I think it should say: "economical unjustice"

  6. hey a.c.,
    please can you tell me about canadian law? i know in the uk, police can detain citizens with much more lattitude in the u.s.
    do you have these guys in the videos names? were they taken to jail?
    the reading of the rights is a u.s. supreme court decision miranda v. california. it only applies if there is a "custodial interrogation", so at least in the u.s., police can ask general questions without reading rights.
    what are the rules in canada? is there something like miranda?
    i certainly am intersted in this video and knowing the identities of the citizens in the video, and if they were ever charged with a crime. i know you have my private email, i am posting this in case you or someone in your country can answer these questions.

    God Bless

  7. jonathon:You're welcome..thanks for returning the favour.

    absolute:thanks for the flag, please come back anytime:)

    slskenyon:This is an just another example of people's APATHY, and the dangers of 'being' that way.
    WHO will be left to stand when they come for YOU(group 'you')...as we never stood for them...but they wouldn't treat US that way..would they?

    georgiacop:hello brother, I only know they were NEVER charged for anything, but...
    FIRST & FOREMOST; I would remind people of this.."You have the RIGHT to remain silent" whether under arrest or not. You do not have to submit to harrassment under ANY circumstances.
    Police will bully you and use this as an excuse for being "UNCO-OPERATIVE", but SILENCE is not against the rules, in fact it's your right...USE IT.

    Beyond that, I think police 'rules' vary from area to area, but their targets remain the same.Aboriginal incarceration rate is over 1,600 per 100,000, compared to 48 per 100,000 for adult non-Aboriginals
    This statistic is sickening as it continues to grow. "GENOCIDE is GENOCIDE...even when done slowly & quietly".
    Any help is greatly appreciated, even sharing the TRUTH helps raise awareness.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown


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