Friday, March 04, 2016

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FAQ: ancient,
I read your reply and understand the principles, but still have a question.
If country grocer is a private business on private property
does he not have the right to ask you not to do certain things on his property.
Just askin my brother.

MY ANSWER: i do understand your question, as it's shared by many due to corruption...Like the Police enforcing human rights abuse instead of preventing it.
That is why i shared that last *SPECIAL NOTE, in the post.

Human rights entail both rights and obligations. States/cops assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfill human rights.
The obligation to respect means that States/cops must refrain from interfering with or curtailing the enjoyment of human rights.
The obligation to protect requires States/cops to protect individuals and groups against human rights abuses.
The obligation to fulfill means that States/cops must take positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights.

Essentially, this means that even though it's a private business on private property, it is within the community and has to provide FULL public access, including for handicapped.
That also means that unless i'm damaging property, or are a threat to myself or others, they are FORCED to remain OBLIGED to follow Human Rights Laws.

By even Posting; "No BUSKING" they are showing discrimination against me.
By (pre-meditated) meeting with Police to ensure enforcement of a non-law is Conspiracy.
If i die...Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

By simply moving and allowing that sign to remain i allow for it to follow wherever buskers go because there is no such thing as PUBLIC LAND....everything is Private Property now.


  1. You must be SILENT to

    1. More accurately, and to help increase understanding;
      The DEVIL is "Lived Backwards",
      as EVIL, is just "Live Backwards",
      both in definition and presentation.


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