Thursday, February 13, 2014


Since first posting this picture...
2 of the faces have changed, one has remained the same. 
Some think that is because TRUTH is Eternal.

What truly makes a leader? Is it their clothes? Is it their wealth? Is it their address? Is it their ideas? Is it in what they say? Is it in what they do? Is it because they are always right? Is it because they are always honest? Or is it just because we are told they are? 

Truly, is it not simply the one that is at the forefront of a group that is on the same path? Truly then, is a leaders success not really determined by whether they; followed their fears, beliefs and greed to instead find destruction in darkness, or gives in to fears and doubt and gave up the journey entirely leading people nowhere, or faced their fears, stayed TRUE to the course and Faithfully found their way to Eternity, lighting the way for others? 

Thus, we can soundly classify the unrighteous, as those filled with inner darkness, while the ones on the fence, living in that grey area are self-righteous, it is the ones filled with inner light that are righteous. 

Be...NOT AFRAID...Just a thought.

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