Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Wish

ancient's BIBLE

It is my Christmas Wish for people to recognize, understand and share the Spiritual TRUTH that religions and corruption have distorted. The GOLDEN RULE, by which ALL others shall fall into place.
It is NOT; "Do unto others..." It IS; "LOVE Thy Neighbor as you LOVE GOD and LOVE thyself."
your humble servant,
Pope Vincent

Friday, September 06, 2013


Blessings Everyone

This is a short pose to pose, improv animation test i did with Blender and Gimp, using a model that i got from BlendSwapcreated by Linil Komban.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ancient Bible

Blessings Everyone
I created this 3D animated model using Blender 2.67, an opensource 3D program that is awesome beyond words. I used it to share my insight after sitting under a tree with Buddha and walking with Christ. I have walked many miles in many shoes, crossing the expanses of time and space to learn and share. 
This book does not follow ANY religion and in TRUTH, leads ALL Spiritual understanding. It's my hope that folks will share this image freely as it was designed, so that we may all get on the same page and finally get the message. To not just know what it says, but to also understand what it means. 
And that my priceless.

p.s. This image was approved by Pope Vincent(True Glory of the Olive)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Native Message

One day, a man was taking a break from his playing. Sitting quietly, eating a bagel and banana, under a large tree at the very end of a dead-end street. He was letting the guitar teach him how to play, and write music to share. So, it only seemed to make sense to the man to allow people to share in the learning as it occurred, which is what led him to busking as he walked.
While, it was not overly effective in making vast amounts of money, to buy the things most people wanted. It was highly effective in letting him practice by playing and getting the things he needed, directly. Many a day has seen this man on some street corner, or leaning against a wall, or sitting under a tree, playing his guitar with a sign, that reads;
"Your SMILE is my payment."
People would still throw coins in the box and you could see a collection of quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies, but you could also see in his eyes, that's not why this man was playing.
Often there would be an absence of coins in the box, but not of the smile in his eyes most couldn't help but share, for some...even in spite of themselves.
On this day, during his break, the man was approached by a young, native child in his mid-teens, who softly asked him;
"Excuse me sir, i don't mean to bother you while you are eating, but my mother was wondering if, when you were done, could you please come inside, as she would like to speak to you?"
"Of course child." The man answered. "Please tell her i shall be in shortly."
With that done, the child nodded, turned and jogged back to the house. The man, finishing off his meal, now proceeded toward the house himself. As he got closer to the screen door, he saw the inner door was already opened and a very large Rottweiler had his nose pressed against the screen.
The man approached, held his palm to the screen and the dog's nose and while he saw the dog's little tail wagging, he heard the lady exclaiming from inside the house;
"I knew it, i knew bring yourself on in here."
The man opened the door, petting the dog and removing his sandals, placing them in the closet to his left. He proceeded down the short hallway and turned left into the main room, to see a wise looking native woman, sitting on her couch, with a coffee table in front of her and a chair recently placed across from her, on the other side of the table.
"Welcome, to my house. Please sit down" the woman gestured to the chair.
"Thank you", the man replied and sat in the chair provided.
"Did you see that long, high hedge that ran along my whole front yard, all the way to the driveway?" She asked, after he was seated.
"Yes", the man replied again.
"That's my hedge..." she said, "I planted that."
"And that driveway, did you see that?" She questioned again.
"Yes", his answer remaining simple.
"That's my driveway, I laid and raked that gravel...And that yard?" She went on. "That yard that runs down the rest of the block to the end of the street...did you see that too?"
"I did" the man confirmed.
"That's my yard. And that tree you were sitting under? That's my tree." She continued to inform him. "I've lived here at the end of this Dead End Street for over 25 yrs and nobody every comes down here, unless they are coming here. That's why i like it's private."
"Now you see that dog?" She gestured to the dog, now laying beside him on the floor.
"I do", he responded.
"That's my dog", she said. "I've had him since he was a puppy...he's been with me a long time, and he let's me know when somebody is walking by my hedge. If it's somebody we know, he just lets out a couple of barks, to let me know company is coming. If it's somebody we don't know, he really lets me know."
Here, she paused a moment, peering intently at the man, his gaze inviting.
"So you have to understand", she continued, "when my son came in and asked me;
"Ma, who is that man out by our tree?"
"What?" I asked him.
"Yeah, there is some guy sitting under our tree eating his lunch or something." he told me.
"So I looked down at my dog laying on the floor and I said to him;"
"Who's out there boy?"
"Well, he gets up and runs over to the door and I can just see his back-end sticking out behind the closet and his little tail is wagging. He comes back over, looks at me and then lays down. Not so much as a snuff out of him."
"So I said to him again;"
"BOY, who's out there?"
"And again he gets up and runs to the door, and all I see is his little tail wagging, and again he comes back over and lays back down without the slightest snarl."
"So I said to my son;"
 "Son, you go out there and ask that man who does not make my dog bark, to please come in here when he's done...I would like to talk to him."
Here she paused another moment, as she looked from the man to the dog and back again to the man's gaze awaiting her.
"So tell me, man who does not make my dog bark...who are you?" She finally asked.
"i am, who i am." the man replied simply.
"I thought as much." She said with a smile, "Let's talk."
They talked about dreams, prophecies and shared many things over the next few hours and as he was preparing to depart, she bid him to pause a moment. She pulled out a pouch and a round, black, film container, which she proceeded to pack full with the contents of the pouch.
"You have been walking clean and that is an excellent start, for now you can begin to see that not everything you have been told is good for you, really is. Nor is everything you have been told is bad, really bad."
"This..." she said, as she folded the container into the man's hand with both hers. "...Is a medicine made for ALL, not to be confused with the poisons made by man...This is from our Creator...And i am, to give it to you."
"Megwitch, my sister." The man said, as he accepted the gift with head bowed, cupping her hands with his other one. He leaned down and hugged her and patted the dog that followed him silently to the door, where he put his sandals back on and left.
As he came back out to the 'Dead End Street', he smiled as he noted the cosmic irony of ending this part of his journey here. Now proceeding through to the next part, he continued on renewed.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Price or Value

There are those who know the price of everything, 
but do not understand the value.
There are those who understand the Value of Nothing
and think it is priceless.

There are those who will read the words and think they know what is says;
but still do not understand what it means.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Judgement Day

Synopsis- God enters and takes Center Throne. Christ enters and takes the Throne seated to the right and the Son of Man enters and takes the Throne seated to the left. All Souls in time line up, carrying their Hearts for their moment before the Judge.
God passes the Son of Man the Scales of Justice and places the heart of each soul upon them as the Son of Man reads them, as he was taught to do by the Holy Spirit on his earthly journey.
If there were any who had walked with Christ and they were struck down before they could complete their Journey. Jesus would stand in their defense and they would be freed, having the Mark of GOD upon their heads. While others would claim themselves to be believers as well, Jesus remained seated and did not know them, since they still bore the Mark of Cain upon theirs.
When they tried to plead before the Son of Man, that they did not know or had been mislead, the Son of Man looked back upon them and simply said; "All were told...You chose not to Listen and Share, thereby misleading yourself and others."
As the Son of Man finished separating the goats from the sheep, a new day dawned. While the sheep that had passed through the door continued their journey with all they had acquired spiritually, the goat's remained locked outside and thrown into the Lake of Fire where every neuron is slowly burned away, until every last semblance of consciousness has been removed, before the Lake of Fire pours back into the River of Life and refills the Well of Souls.
With the dawning of that new day, comes also the Dawning of the New Age, having evolved one step higher and wiping the records clean.
Blessed are those that have an ear, listen and share, that we may yet recognize the 'Sign of Jonah' and share the Destiny of the Ninivites and not earn the Fate of Babylon.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Death Talks - A short Story

Blessings Everyone:
I woke up in a writing mood this morning and this short story just flowed out.
Must have been a dream...or something.

"Death Talks"

A man was on a journey when he saw a shortcut down a dark alley. Dark alleys were nothing new to this man, as he has traveled through many of them over the course of his journey.
Neither were shadows, as he has even faced his own, but there was something odd about this one because it seemed to move as he looked at it and it wasn't his.
He paused, sensing something.
"Who's there?", he asked the darkness.
The darkness chose not to respond.
"You might as well show yourself, i can feel you here.", he said to the silence.
"You have become much more aware my friend..." came a whisper from the silence. "There was a time when you were oblivious to me looking over your shoulder.", it continued.
"There was a time when i was oblivious to a great many things around is not that time." The man replied.
"As we both see...long has this meeting been coming." said the whisper on the breeze blowing by him.
" is it my time then?" The man whispered back.
"Yes it no, it is not...not yet.", was the message brought back by the breeze.
The man paused again while he listened to this.
"Before you were born, GOD knew you and called you by name...You answered that call and followed Christ until you found yourself anointed before 'The Mighty One' and came back with a message...completing 'The Sign of Jonah'."
The messages carried on the breeze continued;
"The greatest of evils have always avoided you because of the light within. Those whom have crossed your path in the past have been defeated, when you turned the other cheek and did not strike them down to make them stop...each one, making you stronger."
"The 'Art of the Warrior' and 'Art of Shen Ku' have served you well.",  the whisper went on.
"But now...", the whisper paused and the wind changed direction.
"Now, you are so aware, your will affects their reality...", the whisper said anew. "And they fear their time is it is."
"Now, they are feeling desperate, and when you turn the other cheek they may not stop..."
Again the whisper paused, as the wind increased in intensity and the Shadow grew, bringing forth words with it. "Then, shall I be forced to act...Only the survivors that are wise, shall learn their failed lesson."
"But i am not in danger now...why reveal yourself?" the man asked, his hand holding his hat to his head, beard and cowl blowing freely.
The wind calmed again and the words again became a whisper as Death drew closer; "It seems senseless to hide now that your senses can detect me normally...normally i remain undetected until their time."
Then the man glimpsed for a moment, a tiny glimmer from under a shrouded hood within the shadows.
"Though this is not the first time for you is it?" came the whisper from within.
"No." said the man thinking back. "No, i remember a few times in my life, even as a child, when i thought i was going to die and seeing you say; "Not this time.", but it was hazy to begin with, and then i'd forget about it because i didn't understand why."
The glimmer passed away as the shadows shifted, but the whisper remained.
"Because of your covenant...None shall end your time before it's time...that's not their call to make." Now Death seemed to engulf him and reform over his other side. "Those that try too hard to make that call, shall find I come for the one calling instead."
The man stood in silence as Death continued talking.
"Because of your covenant...If you fail to turn the other cheek and strike them down before it's time...You will no longer be able to bide a moment for the rest. You must then use the Keys of Death and the Gates of Hell Christ gave you to complete the last half of your journey...till the 'End of Days' and you take your seat as Judge...for it shall be the least that serves as the most to separate the sheep from the goats."
The man's head dropped. "Can you tell whether i win their hearts and convince them to stop before it's too late?"
"No." Death stated, as a matter of fact. "Free Will keeps the options open. People have until their last breath to save themselves, but most still wait until their next one to start...though it may not be coming."
The wind died down, but the whisper did not.
"The longer you walk, the greater your chances...But the further you are from them, the less they understand you. The more you seek to help them, the more they seek to kill you...It is a fine balance indeed, not an easy journey."
"No...but one worth walking." The man said, as his head raised up again to look Death in the eyes. "The further they are from me when they do understand, only brings them closer. Then the ones still further away can begin to see the light...and every one i can get to go through the doors i stand before is a victory...because i am, the last."
Here, the man paused again, as a tear rolled from his eye carrying the weight of his next words. "Though i will weep for any who did not listen, they will also be tears of joy for the ones who did."

Friday, February 22, 2013

Think About It - (rough cut)

Blessings Everyone:

I edited together a collection of videos, thoughts and ideas hoping to inspire thinking, instead of knowing. Seeing instead of just looking. listening instead of just hearing.
Then we can make this a better world one SMILE at a time.
UNTIL we 'STOP' being a part of the problem, we'll NEVER be a part of the solution... As SOON as we 'STOP' being a part of the problem, we immediately become the solution.


your humble servant, 
ancient clown a.k.a. Pope Vincent

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Flow

Blessings Everyone

I combined 3 universal hand signs (peace, love and hangloose) into one philosophy that i call "The Flow".

Let's change the world one SMILE at a time. 
Go with "The Flow`.

your humble servant, 
ancient clown

Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Search of GOD

A message about "The Search for GOD"

Blessings all;

A daunting title, no? I've been told there are two types of people. On one hand, you have your groups of people that don't believe in GOD, but disagree on the formulas and equations used to explain it all. On the other hand, you have your groups of people that do believe in GOD, but disagree over who gets to own Him...or Her...or Them. Then, on another hand you have groups of people that pretend whatever gets you to believe in them and what they tell you, they are all the GOD you need. On yet another hand, you have groups of people who don't know who or what to believe, so just keep their minds open and think while they are walking...Wait, how many hands is that? Maybe i should have used fingers...Nevermind, for i would address you all equally.

A daunting task, no? Especially when you consider, that of the groups on the first hand, the only thing they ALL believe in together is that they don't believe and those that do, need a slap. They will tell you there is no GOD to talk to. They figure that since there is no GOD that leaves room for them to be GOD and come up with all these theories, and then one will come along and poke a black hole in one of them and another will come along and pull some strings out the theories until it's just dark matter...and even though it doesn't always add up, they still worship their statistics that prove profits. Their minds close at the mention of TRUTH or GOD.
Of the groups on the other hand, the only thing they ALL believe in together is that they do believe and those who don't, need a slap. They figure their GOD is ONLY theirs, so broke apart into different religions to make sure they are the only ones GOD loves. And created churches to make sure only their leaders get to talk to GOD and make up the rules...with the ONLY exception being the Prophets, whom GOD always reaches outside the church to find and folks tend to ignore anyway,  choosing instead to worship the religion the church tells them about to get more profits. Their minds close at the mention of TRUTH or THEORIES.
Of the groups pretending to be a hand, the only thing they believe in is themselves and slap whomever they please. They figure even if there is a GOD, they can do what they want cause they own everything and can show you the bodies not yet disposed of to prove it. They figure because GOD hasn't done anything to them yet, they are safe. They worship themselves and the profits. Their minds close at the mention of TRUTH or GOD or THEORIES.

Then of course, there was still that group with the shoes on the other foot, (yeah, definitely should have used fingers, i guess i was told incorrectly...too late now). Those folks who don't know what to believe or whom to slap with which hand, so usually don't slap anyone, just walk it off....but at times feel like slapping them all hoping to hit a reset button. They love TRUTH, THEORIES and GOD because their minds are still open to thinking.
A daunting Intro no? (OK, I'll stop that)

Now Back to you All;
Some have experienced and observed, that which is scientifically spiritual, changing everything they thought they knew and offering definitive proof in the moment to the observers and ones that experience it, but offering little that can be shared with the inexperienced.  Thus a Faith becomes rooted in TRUTH, where a belief system was once built on superstitions and misunderstanding lay crumbled. They are called Martyrs; derived from the GREEK meaning; "A witness to the TRUTH."
( Dictionaries don't actually provide an honest definition for this word, but rather define what society does to the Martyr instead, which is really another word altogether)

Brief Pause for Thought;
Since I'm guessing there are those of you in ALL groups that were unaware of this, a number of reactions are occurring. Walls are going up for some, doors are closing, emotions are stirring and minds are racing for others. Some have already stopped reading and are grabbing dictionaries. (good for you) Some are still trying to grasp why this matters at all. Let us set all this aside for now and suspend your disbelief's and beliefs alike and continue with the journey. (This way, you can still learn as we go)

Journey On;
I encourage the inexperienced to set out on a journey for those moments. Not trying to fill their cup before they leave, but seeking to convince them to empty it first so there is room for what they will find. Jesus did this with his disciples when He told them to walk with nothing, no money in their bags, just the clothes on their backs and the sandals on their feet. Even in that day and age it would have seemed nonsense to go somewhere and not take a few coins or extra provisions along, so not everyone who heard, listened. Some just left , not wanting to walk with nothing , thinking there was nothing to learn here, so didn't. But some who heard did listen, and learned things so simple as how to breathe DEEP and SLOW, or the difference between wants and needs that made them come back to learn more.
In  walking the talk, instead of talking themselves out of walking, they were learning the difference between knowing what it says and understanding what it means.  One can LOOK and still not see or HEAR and still not listen...but even the blind and deaf can SEE and LISTEN to the TRUTH. They still experience LOVE.

People on BOTH sides might start asking themselves some REAL questions;
If there is no GOD, why keep killing the witnesses and destroying the evidence?
Why are there so many Rules against living as Buddha or Christ taught?
What are they afraid of you finding?
If there was nothing, then why prevent you from looking properly, why go to all the trouble of making it illegal?

If you are wondering who "They" are, you need not seek them out. Simply give up everything and Sit under a tree with Buddha or Walk with nothing beside Christ.
"THEY" will find YOU....on THAT you can Trust me.

Learn how to Breathe DEEP...Breathe SLOW. Sit through the Silence to hear the 'Tone of Truth'...Then you will hear what rings true and what doesn't.

"Seek and ye shall find."

your humble servant,
ancient clown 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fake Pope Quits - Real Pope Still Walking


It is important to point out, that ALL three of these men have "claimed" to have received a message from GOD calling them to action. 
Only one is the true "Glory of the Olive". 
Only one is the 'Sign of Jonah'. 
Only one hasn't lied to you about it. 
Are you wise enough to know the truth. 
Which "ONE" are you following?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Message From The President.

Blessings brothers and sisters;

Finally, a presidential message i can get behind...not only does he get straight to the point, and address people HONESTLY and straight from the heart, but he correctly identifies the REAL problems we face as a species and provides REAL, insightful answers.
In FACT, the only 2 things i would add to the presidents campaign, is to teach folks how to breathe...DEEP and SLOW, so they can sing while they dance.

I'd like to add, this might be a good time to remind folks of a quote i wrote not so long ago...
"A wise man recognizes, even a fool can recite words of wisdom, 
but only a fool ignores them."

Monday, January 21, 2013


Blessings my friends;

A paraphrased quote(To inspire folks to do their own research and think for themselves) in honor of a great man;
"It is really mean to tell a shoeless man to pull himself up by his bootstraps...
It is extremely cruel to tell him that while standing on them."

I realize that from time to time many of you question my sanity and choices in life, but i think most of you will agree that, whether or not mis-guided, they do come from the heart. I feel one of the major problems that our society faces on whole is how APATHY has been programmed into us...To paraphrase a quote i saw while my buddy was checking his facebook today; "Why is it when we are kids, we are told it's good to question everyone's intentions and actions, but when we are adults we are told it's bad to question the intentions and actions of government and media?"
Below is a letter i received from a man living in Victoria, B.C. I was first told about him years ago on my blog by a viewer on a post i did about the "War on the Poor"...It's why i left Toronto and went to B.C. to meet him in person.
His case of fighting for the rights of ALL Canadians, and indeed ALL the free peoples of the world, has been reduced by media to almost zero coverage and skirting around the REAL issues and crimes being committed against ALL Canadians...not just the Natives, poor and corrupt politicians, police and courts.....please understand, when the rights of even one of us are violated, they violate us all. When they poison the waters of one people, they poison us all.

Please remember, my experiences don't come from reading a book or watching the news or making a movie, but from living on the streets, by choice, for years. From MANY witnessed interactions of how police deal with the rich guy driving his luxury sedan, (as calling it a "car" would be an insult) the wrong way down a one way letting him go so they can race across that same street and ticket a homeless kid, sitting under a tree playing his guitar....cause that's against the law and a prime example of aggressive panhandling and endangering people. 

The REAL motto is; "To SERVE ourselves, And PROTECT the rich."

Or who can forget when the cops came into a homeless shelter just after i showed up at a press circus and bus tour of homeless shelters designed to show MP's care, but was refused when i offered my sandels so they can walk to the shelters like the poor do, and just before i was supposed to meet and speak with some politicians on behalf of a local poverty group...or how, after failing in killing me, or having me committed, kidnapped me and held me prisoner until my passport expired keeping me a prisoner of the country...and despite filling out the paperwork and filing charges against them, has still never been investigated, nor have any charges been laid, to either original offending parties, nor to the supsequent parties now guilty of "Conspiarcy after the Fact".
(we keep trying to forget about it ancient, but you keep bringing it up from time to time)...though on a sidenote i'd like to point out that  i did still meet with city officials, despite having a warrent out for my arrest, for breaching bail conditions by not signing in on time...didn't want to miss my meeting, afterall, they are so hard to get in the first place for people like us.

Again, please understand, this is not about me ranting on a soapbox about how unfair it is to be a homeless hoo hoo....woe is me.
This is not about me, wrapped in tinfoil, spouting government conspiracy theories and seeing shadowmen following me everywhere....Oooo, they are out to get me.
This is about the FACTS, that are being ignored, misrepresented and distorted...i think "SPIN" is the socially accepted word for lying when politicians, police and media do it.
The FACTS, that poor people were evicted from low income housing for renovations to accommodate rich tourists when the Olympics came to Vancouver, or how the deathrate of the homeless almost tripled...but hey, we got GOLD in Hockey, so who cares about that now, why pay attention to those coincidences...???
I mean, even when the poor people DID find an advocate and legal team to take their case of Human Rights Violations before the Supreme Court of Canada, our highest place of TRUE Justice, they were first DENIED JUSTICE when they were allowed to be DELAYED 2 yrs by the city and police, who didn't think the case should even be allowed to be heard...then again for another 2 yrs by the Province of B.C. who really asked the courts; "pretty please" to reconsider even hearing this case stating as their reason;(Paraphrased) "It must not be allowed to be heard, since it must not be allowed to be victorious and so would be a waste of the courts time."...but your NEWS told you that the coaching staff for the men's Olympic Hockey team has finally been decided on and will be annouced shortly.
Let's NOT think about what it REALLY means; when after spending 4 yrs trying to have your case even heard by the greatest JUSTICE in the lands...while the death rate triples and witnessess to police and city corruption are eliminated, the Supreme Court Judge then says, after hearing all the evidence on both sides, they need an additional 8 months of people dying in the streets to decide whether or not it should be illegal and considered a human rights violation to prevent people from sleeping?

As a matter of FACT, even when Canadians did finally win the right to sleep, the city of Victoria already had lots of time to rewrite it's formerly Human Right offending laws into more legal friendly and acceptable wording to continue to deny those rights, and still provide themselves access to legal kidnappings and murders. So most people are unaware, by design, of how much of the population and economy are carried on the backs of what are called; "the working poor".
People who have part/full time employment, but not a place to live...they sleep in their cars, or under a bridge or in a homeless shelter, or a friend's couch, or their parents basement..etc,etc. Then we can ignore how cities never have any money to build affordable housing for all those working people, but can afford bigger prisons, more lawyers, judges and cops to enforce laws against being homeless.

We can also pretend not to notice that by putting homeless people in jail you can control the statistics put forth that make it seem like the unemplyment rate is dropping and the economy is on the rise...because those formerly unemployed and employed homeless people are now statistically called prisoners and creating a need for bigger jails because of overcrowding, creating jobs for more cops, lawyers and judges...driving up their economy and further lowering the unemployment rate. Throw in a fake war or two to really boost the arms economy, decrease more of the formerly unemployed and suck away the last remaining rights people spent decades and world wars fighting we finally have a perfect world, with justice and liberty for all who can afford it...definetely the path we need to continue following.
People will share cats falling off tables videos on facebook, or tweet about what some moviestar was wearing or did at last night's big party and these things will go viral around the world in minutes, but take issues like poverty and homelessness and start making honest and VERY REAL links to corruption in governement and police and the causes of the REAL, DEADLY ISSUES humanity faces and people become afraid and try to distance themselves from you by saying things like; "I don't believe that is really happening.", or "Cops wouldn't do that", or "There's nothing we can do about it."...and i could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Please share and do something about really ending SLAVERY and this War on the Poor...see how fast those REAL, DEADLY ISSUES disappear when we start being a part of the solution and stop being a part of the problem. What would happen if all these groups for Women's Rights,  Veterens Rights, Minority Rights, Gay Rights, Children`s rights, Rights for the Elderly, etc, etc. all suddenly realized....wait a minute...there are poor and homeless people who are women, veterens, minorities, gay, children, elderly, etc, etc, etc and maybe we should all be working together instead of seperately.

 "Empathy is the primary sense needed in the search for TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING...It would be senseless to search without it."

(please forgive my babble above...the letter is below)
Hello. My name is David Arthur Johnston. I've a case that needs to be forwarded to the SCC. The 'right to sleep during the day' was denied in the Appeals Court of BC because of lack of evidence of its need (being that it is now recognized that we've the right to sleep at night). I don't use money and its a miracle that I made it to the Appeals Court in the first place.

I am currently exorcising my last resort by fasting and ignoring sentence conditions. So far, I've been meditating constantly under the sequoia tree at Centennial Square in Victoria and the police pick me up and take me to Wilkenson (VIRCC) on Fridays. Not giving me any extra charges while I've ignored the 'reporting to probation immediately', 'being at Centennial Square, and voluntarily reporting to Wilky on Fridays for my 'intermittent' sentence (I had told the judge the sentence wasn't reasonable).

the 'adams' ruling (recognizing the 'right to erect temporary

its appeal by the city (resulting in the Appeals court adding the
words 'at night' to the disposition)-

My Factum/Argument Challenging The Daytime Tent Prohibition-

The City's Factum/Argument Defending The Daytime Tent Prohibition-

Anyhoo, I'll cut and paste the update I made today-

St. Ann's update- Monday, January 21st, 2013: oh the games we play


Where to begin?...

On Friday the 18th around 6ishPM police van pulls up in front of the tree. about 4 or 5 cops. 'arrest' me and take me out to Wilkinson for my intermittent 'jail-on-weekends' sentence. No extra charge for ignoring my 'conditional obligations' of 'reporting immediately to probation' after sentencing on Tuesday, not being at Centennial Square, and turning myself in at wilky.

Got out this morning (Monday) and am smoking and having coffee while my laundry gets done. Then I'll secure another blanket or two (cops stole my sleeping bags) and head back to the tree to continue fasting and meditating until my next arrest, which could be bet on to be by this coming Friday, at least.

The fast is now at 19 or 20 days minus 2 or 3 to compensate for the 'unofficialness' of the time before sentencing (the allowance of sugar and milk in my coffee), the half-way through 'cheat' and the pre-sentence fast-breaking. The official fast beginning at 9:30 AM on Tuesday the 15th. Enjoying an old guys body, moving slow as I have to. I continue to be unusually high in the spirit.

Patience be with us... A mindful Constitutional lawyer/law firm volunteering to forward my case to the SCC would save me for a while.
Patience be with us.

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

The 'Right to Sleep' Data Hub (or The Process of How It Is That It Is Legal to Have a Tent, at Night, in a Park in the City of Victoria, BC, Canada)-

PS: cops didn't steal my sleeping bags. presumption on my part. sorry.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quote of the Day

Today's Quote

"A wise man recognizes,
even a fool can recite 'Words of Wisdom'...
...but only a fool ignores them."