Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yahoo Censorship

Blessings All:

This post is mostly designed for one person...and all those that are sharing the same brain. 
I wouldn't have bored the rest of you with it but yahoo kept refusing to publish it under this story saying: "Sorry, to prevent spam, URL's and email ID's are not allowed in comments." Now, i recognize my own failings and will undergo the search from time to time when needed...but i have failed in identifying the problems anywhere within the comments that have caused this breach, so rather than forcing myself to censor myself and rewrite some magical combination of words that still allows me to tell the TRUTH and not be censored (HOLY CONFUSING BATMAN), I'm publishing them here where i still respect the difference between rights and privileges. Anyone will be allowed to comment here as well...I only ask you please refrain from using profanity as this site is open to all ages.

@Nova War No, that's not all you're saying...you are also saying you are prejudice and chose to be stupid. You can also choose not to be.
Now I could tell you i was the "Glory of the Olive" or the "Sign of Jonah", but even if you didn't understand any of that, if you'd asked instead of assumed, you might find out i was a former member of the Princess of Wales Own Regiment who was awarded with Best Section during training. Or that i was also a former member of Canada's Acting Union or Fight Directors Canada where i was once awarded certification with distinction, and had an award named after me. You'd find out that indeed i don't have a record, despite being falsely charged, and forced to be my own lawyer, i still won my case by proving the cops and crown to be liars...though they were never charged afterwards for doing so.
And despite the crown also failing to have a forced mental health assessment, just 2 months later in a different city, after being asked to speak on behalf of a homeless group in front of MP's, and city officials...2 cops came into a homeless shelter and without legal provocation, attempted to render me unconscious by choking me out, ("Attempted Murder" under criminal code), upon failing that, kidnapped me and tried to have me committed with a forced mental health assessment, but after passing that they continued to violate my human rights and threw me in jail for Resisting Arrest and Obstruction of Justice...where after 6 days of solitary and constant questions of whether i wanted to commit suicide yet, the crown threatened to keep me there for months unless i plead guilty to one of the charges.
On that 7th day i informed the crown that i was a simple, humble man of the Lord and would be willing to sit there until the walls fall down around me before pleading guilty to something i didn't do...but they may want to seriously consider the FACT that if the good Lord doesn't want me to stay there...those walls may come down sooner than they think. I was released, but still made a prisoner of the city with forced bail conditions obtained again by the crown unlawfully and with willful participation of the judge (both now guilty of conspiracy after the fact)
They put the trial off until just after my passport expired (effectively still making me a prisoner without need of a trial) so then dropped all the charges when we got before the judge...(where i was again forced to be my own lawyer, because i was denied legal aid, and even Queen's University's Law program that provides students and council to people, suddenly changed their minds after agreeing to help...even the students were confused and showed up to court anyway...but yeah...I'm sure that's just me blaming others for my misgivings. I'm sure these things ONLY happen to me and i brought it ALL on myself by speaking out about Human Rights and learning and sharing about how deep the corruption is and how involved we all are in it.
No need to investigate further (which is again called; "Conspiracy after the Fact" when it is your duty to do so and you refuse...or turn a blind eye).

To find the right answers you must first ask the right questions; Here's one...what is the TRUE meaning of the word "Martyr", not the lie given to you in dictionaries...the TRUTH, and you won't find it by further assuming you already know it and you aren't being lied to...you WILL need to think for yourself though. Don't let societies phrases throw you off, like; "Don't be a Martyr" or "Nobody likes a Martyr"...though they are clues to the bigger picture later....just some simple, hardcore research and think for yourself BEFORE forming your conclusions.
A closed mind is an open door for the devil.

your humble servant,
ancient clown --  Honourary King of the Poor
Voice of the Children...Leader of the Meek
Commander and Chief : The Armies of Light.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The War On Drugs

As i strongly feel the TRUTH shall set you free, it is of vital importance that people begin to question the lies and motives behind their governments and the policies they use to enslave and control you and your children.
You will never find the solutions to your problems by continuing to support decisions based on greedy stupidity. It would be wise to rethink your decisions to continue to follow liars, murderers and thieves as you won't like where the end of their path leads.
Please watch this and share it with others.