Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not Christ's Birthday

Learn the TRUTH
If you are as sick and tired of the lies and corruption that surround you at every turn and have woven themselves into the very fabric of your reality, then I encourage you to leave that world behind before it is destroyed and seek out the TRUTH.

Jesus was Jewish, not Christian.

Jesus didn't come to glorify Himself, nor to create a new religion.
Christmas is not the REAL birthday of Jesus. 
This is of utmost importance to learn as His birth itself was a fulfillment of ancient prophecy, as were the miracles He performed.

I don't think i know, I just know I'm thinking.
Click on the pic to go to a website that explores the TRUTH.

Please consider carefully where you are heading by following liars.
It's not where Christ was trying to lead you.
You do not honor Him nor God, by continuing down this path.

(This message brought to you by the true "Glory of the Olive"
- Pope Vincent)