Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day?


Have we Honestly embraced the necessity of ending the greedy stupidity that is responsible for the destruction of animals and humans alike?
Are we Honestly implementing REAL solutions to our problems?One substance has been made illegal by the corrupt that could replace many products that are extremely destructive to our environment and social structure.
Do you know how many tonnes of paper products are wasted every day?
Do you care?
Do you know how much pollution is caused by fossil fuels, BOTH in getting them AND using them?
Would you watch this video to learn about an even greater risk to the lives of children worldwide?

Would you STOP buying bottled water permanently?

Would you CLOSE your bank accounts?

Would you STOP paying taxes to corrupt governments?

Would you STOP supporting those responsible by realizing YOU are responsible by continuing your support?

Are you working to help Save the World or are you working to help destroy it?

21 September: Peace One Day

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