Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember This


Remembering Remembrance Day
We waged a war to not live that way
A war we won or so they say
But looking around all I see is dismay.

They killed alot of people but what did they win
They still live their lives in corruption and sin
Telling their lies to let evil back in
Refusing to rise and so let it begin.

They still kill the martyrs that witness to GOD
They still ignore prophets dismissed with a nod
They still war on the poor and onward they trod
Justifying all in the name of God.

Yet Cain still kills Abel
With all the cards on the table
Though this way is unstable
They still lay the cable.

With this thinking my mind starts to sway
I think the point missed on living that way
"The war to end all wars"; I've heard them say
But is that what's remembered this Remembrance Day.

Seemingly not as wars continue still
All of life's problems can be fixed with a pill
Even the children have learned how to kill
But all of this is just run of the mill.

Then deep inside I start to grin
As I recognize the journey's within
With nothing to stop me once I begin
And all of life's puzzles start to fit in.

With hope I speak out that they hear what I say
And Listen closely to change their way
That they may avoid the 'End of Days'
And Remember that this Remembrance Day.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine - Your Life is in Danger

There are some people that are afraid of the TRUTH. When others attempt to warn them of danger or share the TRUTH, instead of investigating for themselves, they respond by using words like "Conspiracy Theory", without really understanding what those words mean. Then they attempt to cover their fears by using other words like "Official Story" and say that's what they choose to believe rather than think the unthinkable. I'd like to break down these words in hopes of shedding a little light in the dark corners of your minds.
When people get caught telling a LIE, they like to say; "That's my Story, and I'm sticking to it." When governments get caught telling a LIE, they like to say; "That's our Official Story, and we're sticking to it." Yet most people have at least heard of the "Theory of Relativity", and should understand that it's not called the "Story of Relativity" is it. So which word promotes TRUTH and which one promotes LIES?

It has been said that "Beliefs are the death of intelligence", but "Faith can move mountains." The church tells you that you have to believe to be saved, but GOD says that it is your Faith that is loved.

I warn you, despite the risks to myself, because I love you. I search for the TRUTH, because I love GOD. I stand against injustice because I hate it. I warn the unjust, because I love them. I warn the sinners, because I love them, though I hate the sins. Even when I walk this path by myself, I AM, not alone.

I bring these words of warning to all my brothers and sisters the world over. Your beliefs in the powers that be are misplaced. They do not serve you as I do, and seek to bring harm to you and your children.
PLEASE...don't take my word for it and don't disregard it.
Investigate for yourself.
Be informed of the decisions you make...don't let fear decide for you.

Find out the effects of these additives.