Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I watched a show on TV recently called; "The TRUTH about LIARS", which i found fascinating considering the so-called experts on the subject were themselves either liars at worst, or very misinformed and uneducated at best. They kept implying that lying is just human nature, and thereby condoning it as acceptable behaviour, instead of recognizing it as something that is taught from birth by society and can therefore be unlearned. Afterall, if you want the TRUTH just ask a young child that hasn't yet been TAUGHT to lie. It was also implied by these "EXPERTS" that deceivers(LIARS) are more successful than suckers(people that tell the TRUTH), thereby condoning this behaviour as not only acceptable, but neccassary. I guess they don't understand the proverb that cheaters never prosper.I thought it was funny that it was mentioned numerous times how our police and politicians are always lying, yet it never occurred to any of these experts to mention that without TRUTH, there is no JUSTICE...And without JUSTICE, truly, there is no FREEDOM. That society itself, being founded upon lies, needs and uses lies to enslave and manipulate lest it collapse down upon itself.I quess they didn't understand the moral of the story for; "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." or maybe being without morals themselves, they just didn't get it. It was not hard to see they never embraced the teachings of christ when He said; "Swear no oaths, simply make your yes mean Yes, and your no mean No." It was also plain to see they didn't understand that the journey through SILENCE is designed to help break the habit of lying, first and foremost to free you for your journey back to TRUTH...and the TRUTH shall set you FREE.


  1. You do well, oh Ancient one.
    You always do.

    However, we all must remember that condoning injustice is sin. Yet, simply speaking out against injustice is no virtue. You must ACT TO END injustice to be considered a child of God.

    The injustice in my state has finally driven me to the point of no return. One cannot fight injustice when the entire state government is corrupt. It reaches the point where you must act -- and my action is to leave the injustice behind. Perhaps it is not the best way to deal, but when the only options on the table are LEAVE or GO TO JAIL, you take the course which is best. You can fight injustice in a state from outside of the state. And that is what I shall do.

    Without God, I cannot succeed. With God, I cannot fail. His guidance has given me direction -- to start fresh in the land of sunshine, rather than the land of liars.

    Your follower and humble servant...


  2. Blessings Doldman:

    You are correct that words alone are not enough and that it is by our actions our names will be written in the "Book of Life". Those actions however, begin within first, control of the self rather than control of others.
    When you have attained that, it does not matter where you are, as your actions go with you and there will still be corruption wherever you go, until the times finish changing.
    The unrighteous and corrupt shall be destroyed, our true goal is to help save them (even george bush)by sharing the TRUTH; for the Truth shall set you free. Most are lost and manipulated and make decisions based on fear and greed instead of LOVE and NEED.
    May GOD continue to guide you, and may you continue to not just hear, but listen and be one with the light.
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown


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