Monday, November 17, 2008


If I could free
More than I enslave
If I could inspire
More than I repress
That would be successful.

If I could remove
More stumbling blocks than I place.
If I could live in moderation
More than excess.
That would be successful.

If I could remain balanced
More than tip the scales
If I caused smiles
More than duress.
That would be successful.

If I could be
More than I do
Without thought of
My own success.
Then, and only then
Would I be successful.


  1. my dear friend:ancient clown

    Congratulate your poem.
    I like the poems
    are in a lot because of this
    and I will come
    here to you ....

    Have a nice day!!!


  2. Happy Christmas AC,

    Blessings to you always AC, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you............

    Love Always

  3. hey ancient it's gator from salty just wondering how u r been missin ya my e-mail is let me know how u r plz

    love and respect


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