Friday, November 14, 2008

Letter to CP24

Continuing in the letter theme and making today a letter day. Here is a copy of a letter I sent to and had sent back by, CP24 in Toronto, Canada.

Nov. 10th
RE: Report on CP24's Legal Briefs (Tasers)
ATTN: To ALL Whom This Concerns
Blessings & Warnings
Unbeknown to you, you have already been blessed by my lack of a phone or an internet connection, lest you receive the full brunt of my fury and disgust. As it stands, you are only getting the calmed version that comes from sitting in front of a keyboard. I realize you will never report this, so you might note that is not why I AM, taking the time to write it.
Regarding tonight's report on tasers, which i only consider, yet another example of; "Making the NEWS" instead of "Reporting the TRUTH".
Important FACTS,(Just a few) the media keep omitting in ALL of your reports on this, and other related issues:
"Murder" is not defined by the weapon used, but by Actions resulting in DEATH...Premeditated or TRUTH, 4 heavily armed and armoured, RCMP Officers attacked and murdered an unarmed Polish man, (who shall remain nameless in honour of ALL who have been murdered at the hands of police and kept in silence), who had already surrendered at Vancouver Airport.
Both, "Accessory After the FACT" and "Conspiracy to Commit Murder, After the FACT", refer to EVERYONE who willfully participates in the cover up of that crime. This would include; every single cop who witnessed the crime and didn't make the arrest...every single prosecutor and government official who likewise, refused to issue arrests and prosecute these crimes...every single reporter who called it a "Death", instead of reporting his "MURDER", who says; "he died", instead of saying; "He was killed by police and this crime was covered up by every single law enforcement official, right up to Prime Minister Harper himself, who has refused to take action and instead stands behind the murderers."
This is the same side of the line Bush and his Supporters are standing on. This is where Governments all around the world stand...This is where religion and society itself stands and is the very foundation on which it has built itself.
It might be important to point out at this time however, that it is also the "opposite side of the line" from where CHRIST stood.
At least in Christs time, people were smart enough to at least recognize a line had been drawn in the sand, even if they weren't wise enough to not cross it.
You use words that have no meaning and report lies as TRUTH with an arrogence and stupidity that fails to recognize the winds of change are already blowing.
You speak in a manner that suggests the unrighteous and dishonest shall always have power, that they are greater than GOD, and you need not worry about darkening your soul with their lies by repeating them...There are those of us in this world who do not appreciate having folks piss down our backs and tell us it's raining.
IMPORTANT SIDETRACK: I've also noticed now that November is here, the media is again stacking the numbers in favour of your war propaganda. For instance, I often hear about the number of Canadians killed in Battle on foreign lands, fighting for freedom during this great war, or that great war...But not about the number of veterans who have died on the streets of their own country from poverty and neglect, by the delayed and refused aid of the very government and people they fought for.
i've heard about the numbers who have given their lives in glory...But not about how many have had their lives stolen and are now homeless from a lack of affordable housing, or how many are constantly being "Moved Along" by police and literally "Marched to their Deaths", EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I humbly recommend you take a closer look to SEE which side of the line you are really on, lest you be in for a HUGE SHOCK in the NOW HERE future.
IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: (I AM, the "Sign of Jonah", and there are only four years left in this birthing cycle and then, dead or alive, I shall finish fullfilling the final prophecies for the "END of DAY's" and bring about the final cleansing and restoration of JUSTICE and CHRIST to the Earth.)
While i recognize that just because i say this, doesn't mean it's true...i hope you also realize that just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean it's not. Remember; "i don't think i know...i just know i'm thinking."
This will be THE END of my Blessings and Warnings for now.
(FROM: a 10 yr survivor of multiple & provable, police threats, attacks and Death Squad tactics in the cities of Toronto Ont, Kingston Ont, Vancouver BC, Victoria BC, and L.A. USA that has been denied BOTH Justice and Freedom of the Press)

your humble servant,
ancient clown -- Honourary King of the Poor
Voice of the Children...Leader of the Meek
Commander and Chief : The Armies of Light.

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