Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dalai Lama Spam

Winner of today's SPAM award goes to...The Dalai Lama. Now i fully realize, this probably wasn't photo-shopped by the Holy Dude himself, and this is just another example of how words are used, abused and shared by folks.

In the past, i have extended an open invitation to the Dalai Lama, which still exists(and all others that call themselves leaders) to spend a moment and walk with me, but he has yet to receive this message to heart. It leaves me thinking however, if he had of spent say; even "Seven days in Canada" with me, as i would be currently unable to spend Seven Years in Tibet" with him, he might have shared the three "L's" instead of the three "R's".
3. Follow the Three L's
>LOVE, GOD(by whatever name you use) with all your heart and soul and have FAITH.
>LOVE, thy neighbor as you would...
>...LOVE thy 'SELF'.
with this trinity of understanding, it is simple to live and just be, instead of wondering what to do.

He might even have shared a greater understanding of the VAST difference between your wants and needs.
4. Your wants and needs are NOT the same thing, though they often mirror each other. Your needs are always provided for you on your journey, exactly where and when you TRULY need them. Your only true obligation is to take the you go, you grow in FAITH and STRENGTH.

He might too have shared the VAST difference between "Compassion and Sympathy" with "EMPATHY"...And the HUGE similarities of 7notes, 7colors and 7 senses. That everyone is an artist searching for their medium, and we are all musicians seeking our instrument. Finding out who you are in the eyes of the ONE, that created you.

This post isn't meant to be sarcastic in tone, but it is meant to be honest and truthful.