Friday, November 09, 2007

Duane "DOG" Chapman

I was attempting to leave a comment on Yahoo! Canada NEWS about recent events concerning DOG- The Bounty Hunter and received this message when I tried to post...(Oops! The comment you entered contained abusive language. Please re-enter and try again.)...Perhaps someone visiting can find this "so-called abusive language" that I used below, so that I may re-enter it and fully utilize my "freedom of speech" and "freedom of expression".
I'd hate to think that these rights have been removed as well. Afterall, I find it strange that this message below can be considered "Abusive Language" in light of the article itself, not to mention the already published comments of others.
Blessings Everyone: Strange that George Bush can bring about the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children with his RACIST words like "Terrorists" which he continually utters in PUBLIC, and he STILL gets to be on TV...but DOG says a now popularized (by rap culture) word in PRIVATE and loses his show. Personally, I've been walking down the street and had a black gentleman, who was on the phone to his friend as I walked by say; "Yo Bro, that nigger looked just like Jesus."
We are ONE.

I can only guess that TRUTH is now officially considered 'ABUSIVE LANGUAGE' in Canada as well as the United States.


  1. Blessings AC,

    I thought the same thing, horrible to be set up by your own son and then the fallout....... I saw him on Larry King and heard the tape... not guilty of being a racist.....I recounted that same story to my daughters friends last night. We laughed when I told them how the black guy on the phone saw you pass and as I walked by the look on his face as he said those words to whomever he was speaking too ... I always wondered if he realized what he said.............well it still makes me laugh.
    Love always AC
    P.S. You are sadly missed ...though I teach the trees and endeavour to follow your wisdom I am a poor subsitute for the real thing...

  2. After reading what you wanted to post, I now know why Yahoo wouldn't let you post it. You quoted "Yo Bro, that nigger looked just like Jesus." Yahoo won't allow the word "nigger" in the comments. So if you modify the word, you can then re-post it. Hope this helps. JD


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