Friday, April 27, 2007

Signs of Change

I first encountered these signs on 'Homeless Nation', and found out they were the work of Mark Daye, a 4th year graphic design student at OCAD. That story was first done here by a young lady named Red Jenny. Without further they are.

I'm thinking it sure beats the signs that are currently up at places that pretend to help & care for the people, but really just want the funding. Like this for instance...

As though Rev. Al isn't aware of cause and effect, and doesn't realize how many people he's helped murder by his ACTIONS...though his INTENTIONS are only paving his way to AGAIN, I have spoken to him about this...let's see if he listens before the sword swings the 'other way'.

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    Mel here! Just stopped by to say hi and say thanks for making the effort to post on our blog. Your blog is really good! I'll be back!

    keep up the great work.. really like this post on the homeless..



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