Monday, April 16, 2007

Me, My 'Self' & I

A Thought Study
'Human Spiritual Evolution'

Blessings...Breathe DEEP....Breathe SLOW.
To begin with, this is called a 'thought study' because it's just thinking aloud on the written page. Noticing some things and putting it together in a hopefully humourous sense that sheds some light on finding our way in the craziness we have created and mislabeled 'reality'.
The "Me...My 'Self' & I" phrases can be viewed as three distinct progressions of spiritual evolution.

In the Root phase of "Me", the person is still subjected to a singular viewpoint which is mostly selfish in origin. These people work primarily for themselves. The world revolves around them. Everything is perceived as being important or not by how it impacts them directly. Most commonly used phrases include things like;
"I need some time for me."
"What about me?"
"I'm important."
"What can you do for me?"
The beginnings of this phase can last a lifetime, but hopefully will progress from the absolute to the doubtful.
"I don't think...I KNOW!!!" will change into "I don't know what to think."
Here, they become lost that they may be found.

In the Middle phase, you begin finding your 'Self'. The viewpoint has split into two views of your 'Self' - Internal & External. These people primarily work on them 'Self'. They are in and on a revolving world. Everything is perceived as being important because it all has meaning, though it still makes no sense. Everything impacts them deeply. Most commonly used phrases include things like;
"Time to take a good look at myself."
"I don't even know myself?"
"What's important?"
"What can I do for my 'Self'?"
This phase proves to be the most dangerous, where people may become lost without being found because they drown in the experiences of weak faith. They have generally not been given the essential tools for this, the essential experience. This phase will be all about learning how to "Flow" if one hopes to survive it.
"I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking" will change into "I think...Therefore, I AM."
Here again, they lose their 'selves', that they may find their 'Self".

In the Crowning phase, you begin seeing your 'Self' as the Divine does. The viewpoint splits again into two perspectives - Compassionate & Empathic. These people spend the majority of their time helping others. They are in and on an Evolving world. Everything is important because you sense it. They impact everything deeply. Most commonly used phrases include things like;
"I would share a moment with you."
"I AM."
"It is the little things that matter most."
"What may I do for you?"
This phase brings with it a new set of dangers as Empathy unfolds and you have a hard time distinguishing from your own emotional moods/feelings and those of others around you...hopefully by now you've mastered breathing and have already learned 'How to Flow'.
"I think...therefore I AM" will change into "I AM...therefore I think."
Here, they understand there are no 'Lost Souls' as GOD is very aware of where every one of them are.

So in closing, please take it from 'Me'
work on your 'Self'
and you will see 'I AM'.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

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