Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Years ago, when I was still naive and thought cops were mostly honest, politicians really tried to make a difference for the better, and people actually cared about each other, I thought I could solve all the problems in Canada, and of the world, if I could only find...

1. ONE Honest Cop.
2. ONE Honest Lawyer.
3. ONE Honest Judge.

As I said, that was years ago, and sadly I must report I've yet to find any of the above and I'm no longer that naive...but seriously, not even ONE of them.
Now you must understand I'm looking for the REAL honest guys, not just the ones that say they are. If you're a cop and even though you haven't personally robbed nor assaulted the poor, but you've turned your back while your partner has...You are 'NOT HONEST'.The Racist Snobs of Victoria, B.C. look down their noses at the poor and must ENJOY them being assaulted, harassed, violated on a daily basis and would like to have it increased, cause they keep asking for MORE POLICE...to control the nasty natives/poor like the ones in the above picture who dared to sit on the bus benches that are silently reserved for the rich white folks...(unless I'm blind & stupid and you can tell me what crime is being commited to draw the attention of these bike cops...aside from being native and sitting on a bench, they weren't arrested...just "run off").

The guy on the computer here in the background is one of the former night staff, that again assaulted me and was not only NOT kicked out for it, he's already been on the computer for over an hour, even though we are supposed to observe a half-hour time limit, and was STILL there when I left, despite me pointing this out to the OTHER offenders...ahem, I mean...staff at the desk.
Reverend Al has moved his office and left me waiting for a meeting that I requested over three weeks ago. (ever since I caught the ENTIRE night staff smoking pot out back).
Today I was kicked out at 'Cool Aid' because somebody had assaulted somebody else BEFORE I even got there, but the lady in charge is incompetent and decided she needs to close the place to EVERYBODY in order to maintain order.
Since I complained to her about her incompetence, she decided to BAN me for two weeks.
Our people have nobody to complain to...if they do, they are attacked and punished just like this. These were the types of things I thought desperately NEEDED to be fixed in our society as they are at the ROOT of all our problems.
These were the types of things that sent me looking for an honest cop, lawyer, and judge in the first place...before I realized just HOW naive I was, and how LITTLE people really cared.

I probably would have been wiser searching for a virgin and three wise men in a whore house.
Definately would have been a quicker and easier search.
But I'm STILL LOOKING...just in case.

That been a small part of my day...how's yours?


  1. That's one hell of a great post. Loved it!

  2. thanks for visiting me ... and blessings to you also!

  3. an honest cop would not survive
    an honest lawyer would not make money
    an honest judge. . .would not get hired

    we can dream of dragons
    dream of Clean Land
    dream of so much. . .but no! do not
    waste your time dreaming of honest civil servants unless they were robots or

    are we not only humans, after all?

    . . .and what is a honest blog, a
    honest blogger?

    it's not because I write that I got myself a new job that I did

    have a nice day, my friend


  4. Would it make it easier or better if you knew you are not the only one in a difficult time?
    A good thing is that as human being we can make a choice. We have a power to accept or reject things. We have mind to decide and at the same time your body will make the move. I have heard that human grow wiser in the time of difficulty. At the same time keep in mind we are constantly changing. So nothing will stay the same forever.


  5. Miss Unique: Thanks.

    Eusebius: Blessings to you.

    Reading_is_dangerous: I'm not sure what you mean when you say "only human", but I don't think we are living up to what the potential of that means.

    bita: Thank you, but it is not so much me that I'm concerned about, as I can take care of myself. It is for the countless others who are without a voice, that I lend mine. Far too often, far too many suffer at the hands of greedy, cruel people while even more look away and pretend it's not happening.
    THAT is what will change.
    your humble servant,
    ancient clown

  6. There are honest cops and judges but lawyers can never be honest...why coz thats what they do for a living! to lie and lie and lie to get money, money, and more money...


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