Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Full Scope of GOD

Many have gone looking for GOD.
but how do they seek?

Many think they can hide from GOD their deeds.
But GOD sees.
All things great & small are created by GOD.

With one eye gazing through a telescope and the other seeing into a microscope...This will give you an idea of the 'Full Scope' of GOD.
The expansion & contraction of the universe
is but a single breath of GOD.


  1. Hi ancient clown!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting.

    You have probably just add in the blogworth. It takes some time for it to gather the statistics of visitors before it will show your worth. Mine took almost 2 weeks. I had the $0.00 for 2 weeks. And it doesn't automatically show or update your worth. You have to check back agin.

    To me, you are priceless.

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    I see your posts often on NeoBoard & I know you are a wonderful guy.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hi,
    Tht was an awesome post... Keep writing :)

    I enjoyd reading thru :)


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