Thursday, October 05, 2006

'Dirty Toes' VS 'Boobies & Babies'


I'm on

and when I checked it was

'Dirty Toes' VS 'Boobies & Babies'

I don't think I have a chance.

If you're coming from and like my site
Share it with your friends.

If you DON'T like it...
Share it with your enemies.
(that way I'll be sure it gets into the RIGHT hands)

Everybody else PLEASE visit
and help save me from an early departure.


  1. Hey there,
    Found you via 25peeps.
    I just noted that the links that you provide for 25peeps don't contain your referal code- you should change the link, else your referals won't be counted!!!
    (The referal URL should be in the e-mail that 25peeps sent when they notified you that you're on their site)


  2. sorry for my english... I love your blog!!!
    best greetings from Chile

  3. I found your toes :) Mine are the other ones, but I have no idea how long. Those boobs really do have the upper hand...

  4. Interesting site - also got here thru 25 peeps. Gonna bookmark you.

  5. Hi Ancient Clown!
    Thanks for visiting my blog & for your help, in pointing me to the mistakes I make in my posts in Neoworx Tagboard. Thanks a lot.
    I voted for you in 25peeps.


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