Thursday, August 03, 2006


Mankind's greatest INVENTION One might say mankind's ONLY invention
If they take into consideration
that everything made ends up there.
Made to breakdown.
Built to be there.

And what gets done with it when it reaches this stage?
It is swept under the carpet of EARTH's floor.
Pushed into the cracks, poured into the holes. Burning through one form of pollution into another. In a civilized and orderly manner, of course. In a manner that would get you punished if cleaning your room and get caught by your parents.

Consumed by the problem within the desire of 'wants' over 'needs', the answer evades the question of; "What to do with it", in the simplicity of; "Stop making it."

As long as we are a part of the problem, we will NEVER be a part of the solution. However as SOON as we stop being a part of the problem we immediately BECOME a part of the solution.


(should you choose to accept it)

STOP making garbage in ANY & EVERY way possible. stopping.

Follow me by following CHRIST

It shall be by what you DO

NOT by what you say

That SHALL determine that.


  1. hey ancient have been like several times on my blog,so i thought..its about time that i visit yours and leave a,i was in one camp,and there i met god..and now,i am starting some kind of relationship with least,i am trying..well,big kiss from croatia!

  2. Always interesting stuff...
    Keep on bloggin in the free world.

    -- FreeCyprus
    Hellenic Reporter


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